Rav Avigdor Miller: Should a Bochur Get a Manual Labor Job During Bein Hazemanim?


Is it wrong for a yeshiva bochur to do manual labor during bein hazmanim?

It’s all wrong, because he has other, better things to do. It’s as foolish as could be. He spent months and months learning gemara, and now it’s going to evaporate. All that labor will go lost. A wise yeshiva bochur spends bein hazmanim reviewing all that he learned. Even if it’s only in a superficial way. Over and over and over, and lock it in. הלומד תורה ואינה חוזר עליה דומה לאדם שזורע ואינה קוצר – “If you learn and don’t review, it’s like a man that plants things to grow, a whole crop, and then, when the time comes to reap the crop, he doesn’t bother coming” (Sanhedrin 99a). So what worth is the work that you put in during the z’man; what’s going to happen to all that work if you don’t review?

So here this fool goes and he becomes a shlepper during bein hazmanim, he shleps bottles, he works hard making some money; for what? What’s the purpose? If he needs the money to support himself, it can’t be helped. But if he can sit and learn and review what he learned, that’s his job in bein hazmanim! Save yourself! All your learning is going to get lost, get lost entirely! It’s a tragedy! You have to sit and review and review. The investment you made, you can’t let your investment go lost! Therefore, I say that bein hazmanim every yeshiva bochur should be busy all day long learning and making sure that he’s consolidating all that he had labored for during the yeshiva z’man.

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  1. What R’ Miller ZT”L said is true. However, I don’t know what year this question was posed to him. In year 2019 there are much more yeshiva bochurim in the system and the quality range of frumkeit for the bochurim is much broader. Halevai that yeshiva guys should chazer what they learned during bein hazemanim, but the truth is that’s not where alot of bochurim are holding. Look around during bein hazemaim and you see so many guys just wasting their time especially now with the phones. I would say for many bochurim getting a job is much more productive, and will teach them responsibilty. (How many of them desperately need a little training in this area).

  2. His answer has nothing to do with manual labor. According to rabbi miller a bachur shouldnt do any type of work unless he needs it to support himself.

  3. so whats better they should go to daven in landaus at 10 am
    comon he was talking about bochrim that dont waste a minute and learn 18 hrs a day
    dont twist his words because you are lazy to work
    nothing wrong with a bochur working bein hazmanim to know what his parents go through everyday to feed him clothe him etc
    nothing will happen to him
    and he can help his mother for pesach as well
    you need to use your own brains also and dont have to ask daas teirah before you blow your nose

  4. It is good they should work to get a feel what life is all about
    My grand children work bein hazmanim
    6 hours a day by my factory they make money and they are not going all over

  5. May be if these boys actually knew what זורע means,by doing it hands on, maybe they will learn a thing or 2 in hilchos shabbos and truly understand it. etc.


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