Rav Auerbach Opposes Pizza Shop Protests


Rav Ezriel Auerbach, rov of Bayit Vegan, announced that he opposes the Shabbos demonstrations which have been taking place outside the Dominos Pizzeria for the past month.

Dominos has been desecrating Shabbos in the secular Beit Hakerem neighborhood next to Bayit Vegan for the past twenty years.

“The rov vehemently opposes demonstrations and does not agree to them at all,” a chavrusah of Rav Auerbach said. “He also opposes what is happening at the pizzeria, of course, but feels that there is no need to go out and demonstrate and even made his position publicly clear. He is unhappy at demonstrations and at the Torah prohibitions violated at the pizzeria, mixing of meat and milk and chillul Shabbos.

Police permitted quiet demonstrations but warned local roshei yeshiva that if things got out of hand they would send in riot police and make arrests.

{Matzav.com Israel News}



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