Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar: Hope for the Two Satmar Communities to Coexist Beshalom


rav-aharon-teitelbaumAn article by Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter in last week’s edition of the Mishpacha magazine contained a comment by Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar regarding the chassidus and the future of a relationship between its two factions, one led by him and one led by his brother, Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum. The article was published in honor of the 30th yahrtzeit of Rav Yoel Teitelbaum zt”l, the Satmar Rov, and contained vignettes and memories of Rav Aharon Teitelbaum about his great-uncle, the Satmar Rov.

In the course of the article, it is related that “if the Satmar community has recently been split and divided between the two sons of the previous Rebbe, Rav Moshe Teitelbaum zt”l, the Divrei Yoel’s immediate successor, both holy Satmar communities still adhere to Rav Yoel’s teachings and tenaciously cling to every word that he uttered.”

zalman-leib-teitelbaumDuring Rabbi Frankfurter’s recent visit to the court of Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, the latter “suggested that there’s even hope for a brighter future where the two communities can coexist in harmony. He pointed out with noticeable satisfaction that when the Satmar communities cut wheat in Long Island, New York, for the shmurah matzos, both his community and the other Satmar community, led by his younger and revered brother, Rav Zalman

Leib, shlita, work together in harmony and peace. Through fulfilling the mitzvos, which unites us all, mutual respect and understanding can always be found between people who otherwise have so much in common.”

{By Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Shalom is great especially bt family members. How about reigning in the NK group of Satmar and get them out of the news/chilul hashem department.

  2. Matis, what will bring the Geualah is an end to Zionism and for all what it stands for. It is well known that immediately following the Holocaust Gedolim of that generation predicted that the arrival of Moshiach was imminent. Due to Zionism, that changed the course. We have been suffering ever since. Lets face it, at that time 1945, Judasim was practically whole, Jews felt for one another, there was no friction, everyone was broken and G-D fearing, besides for Zionism and their followers. Need I say more?

  3. Moish, are you drinking from the fountain of fantasy?
    The largest amount of assimilation and chilul shabbos was going on in America in 1945 & continuing till today, the end of jewish descendants due to intermarriage. You guys got to get past this ZIONISM kick, and do kiruv, leave the insular sanctuary and bring Yidden closer to Tatte.

  4. moish – you were right in the 50’s, when the brisker rov said beferush what you’re saying, but different doros need different things to bring the geulah, as each dor can have the geulah – i dont know if moshiach would be guarnateed to come if the dati leumi gave up their beliefs, it certainly would help things along, but i dont know if that’s the nisayon in this generation anymore – it was an eis ratzon back in 1948, they could have had moshiach, said the brisker rov, and instead of klal yisroel reaching out for him, we wanted a kefirah-state instead – and we got it; lemaylah min hatevah, since yidden are not supposed to be this way – we’re not supposed to have governments and cultures and such; the gemora does say though that moshiach will come when the yidden give up their governments(uperush rashi, even small ones) However, you should know that while gedolim spoke against zionism, the vast majority of the hamon ho’am gave in to it – they were under duress, and we cannot judge them. even talmidei chachamim gave into it – rav shach said there are tzadikim who do not know about the inyan of hisgarus beumos. If we were in their shoes, having the gun at our heads(of course, this was due to the zionists too, who caused or at least greatly contributed to the holocaust by provoking the germans), cv’s, who knows if we’d be able to resist zionism? the yatzer hora was huge then – baruch hashem now we have some clarity, and the words of our gedolim ring true.

    however, there’s a lot of ways to bring moshiach. ahavas yisroel, chazal say, will do that, as will many, many other things. gedolim do not scream about zionism anymore, says my rebbe, because it’s dead, just like socialism or any other ‘ism’; yidden always have nisyonos, whether it’s a chassidishe yid having the yatzer hora of kochi veatzem yadi, or any other apikorsus – zionism is the same, just another apikorsus that isn’t as much of a danger as it used to be. This might be why gedolim dont address it – it’s a dead issue; those that will listen already do no believe in it, and to those that do, well, it will only serve to alienate those members of klal yisroe – i once saw one of the mizrachi rabbis say that reb elchonon vasserman ztvk’l made a itrug on klal yisroel by calling zionism avodah zara – what a laugh! as if reb elchonon needs to answer to this little man; but i bring this up to show a point – this rabbi would rather chuck a gadol beyisroel than chuck his own personal beliefs; it’s a deep-seated belief and will not come out easily. gedolim know this, and, lefi ayin-daled, don’t bang on the bimas about zionism anymore because of this – usually when a guy learns enough his zionism cools down anyway.

    Satmar is one of he largest chassidus in the world; it can accomplish much more if it’s united again. ‘henay ma tov uma naim, sheves achim gam yachad’ – there’s more to bringing the geulah than defeating apikorsus, as noble a cause as it is.

  5. Matis – be careful what you say.

    The Zionists did not “provoke the Germans.” The Nazis needed no provoking. Their rishus was developed without input from Zionists, Yeshivishe, Chassidish or any other actual Jews – it was a product of sick fantasies to make up for defeat in WWI and economic collapse, which for reasons only Hakadosh Baruch Hu knows, was allowed to succeed.

    In any case, there were almost no Zionists in Germany. The strongholds of Zionism were in Poland and Russia.

    Be very, very careful when you accuse anyone of “causing” the Holocaust. It is beyond our merely human understanding to “explain” it.

  6. To number 5: Please be advised, Satmer has in no way any connection to NK. Allot of thought needs to go in b4 writing something negative on entire hehilla, especially if ur not familiar with the facts.

  7. to #10 – we only have our gedolim to follo’ hile we can never know entirely, e have the writings of rav avigdor miller, rav elchonon wasserman, and so on, both warning and explaining the holocaust. Of course, no one knows entirely, but there are basic reasons which we know from chazal of why these sort of things happen. Firstly, the satmar rov writes pretty clearly that zionsim, and the sin of even wanting the state, was the cause of the holocaust. Second, even those who may not have held of his shitos entirely said clearly that the zionists caused thr holcuast on a practical level – they cut off funds that could have been used to rescue jews from europe through bribes, not wanting to bribe becaue it was illegal, and also because they anted that money for the state; said one of their leaders: ‘a cow in palestine is worth all the jews in poland’, and ‘the old will forget, the young will not know’ = their crimes are documented in rav michoel ber weismandel’s sefer ‘min hameitzar’, where he talks about zionist crimes against the jewish people – not only provoing the germans(when be gurion got on the radio declaring ar on hitler, it infuriated him before then, it looked like he was backing down), but also supporting them, making deals with them, and arranging for the safe transfer of the zionists and Zionist supprters to israel in exchange for keeping jews quiet and making them feel safe in their countries, especially hungary. Rav weissmandel, the rosh yeshiva of nitra, tried panstakingly to get people to listen to the future tragedy before it was to happen – no one listened to him; he was shut down as being a fanatic. zionists accused him latr of making up the whole story, which was of couse, corroborated in ben hecht’s perfidy – a book by one of their own.

    ‘rabbi’ steven weiss, the head reform rabbi of that time, told the president that the orthdoox rabbis, namely rav ahron kotler’s vaad hatzolah, that they were fanatgical, old-fashioned rabbis and that he shouldnt listen to them. ‘rabbi’ weiss, the murderer which to this day is honored by reform for his murderous acts, repeatedly refused to give a dime to save jewsih lives – building palestine was more important.

    Zionists basically destroyed hunarian jewry – they were the last, invaded in late 44 or even 45 – they could bave all been daved, if the zionists would have used their huge endowmnents for saving lives instead of their political agenda.

    Rav avigdor miler wrote about the blood on the hands of the zionists in his ‘aake my glory’, where he brings quotes from zionist leaders, and from american politicians who were pressured by the zionist lobby to avert funds from rescue efforts – only to palestine! was he cry.

    Nazis gave the zionist leaders, who then were seen as jewish leaders instead of gedolei yisroel, an option: save jews by paying for their migration to a different country, anywhere except palestine. Now, any simple jew would take jewish lives over land – the zionists ignored the germans request for money to transport the jews – they demanded their made-up ‘rights’ to go to palestine, and sacrficied the lives of millions to do it. they refused the offer of the germans about 4 times, all of which could have saved so many who died.in their arrogance, they felt bribes were beneath them, illegal, and so on – they also demanded that the germans transport the jews to palestine, and nowhere else.

    this is what happens when the sheep puts on wolve’s clothes – dead sheep, and a fool too. chazal say we are a sheep among 70 wolves.

    I am being careful about what im saying 0 just quoting gedolei yisroel and their holy words, mipihem anu chayim.

    check out artscroll’s ‘unheeded cry’, about rav weissmandel, and rav avigdor miller’s ‘awake my glory’ for starters.

  8. zalmen is correct – NK’s present incarnation is not the organization started by rav amram blau – he was a tzadik who was respected byt gedoei yisroel. today’s NK is a chilul hashem; even the old NK was never a part of satmar – most of the NK come from young israel, vizhnitz, and a few other places. they basicaly take the maharal’s shita that the shevuous are yehereg velo yaavor to mean that other jews must give up their lives potenitally for giving back the land. this is a misguided lomdus, and it is not endorsed by our gedolei yisroel – hoever, rav reuven grozovsky wrote that the old-school NK has a valid torah opinion, about totally not being a part of the state, tryig to give it back peacefuly, and so on. Rav Blau never marched with arabs, and neither did the satmar rov(he made his own protests, and never would allow flag burning, or protesting with arabs).

    The satmar rov was critical of the NK himself on many occasions.

  9. Moish said:”Lets face it, at that time 1945, Judasim was practically whole, Jews felt for one another, there was no friction, everyone was broken and G-D fearing, besides for Zionism and their followers. Need I say more?”
    You need to know more, much more about what a lot of Yiden thought 1945. I personaly knew a lot of survivors because my parents were survivors. A former jeshiva bocher a knew said he stoped belive in a G-d when he saw and smelled the smoke from the crematorium. And he was just one. And if the Zionists were to blame for the Holocaust, why went som many Gedolim up through the KZ-chimnies? Those mansees that everything happened bacause of the Zionists are just cover ups for the total failure of the the frum leadership. The Zionist movement was a minority up to WWII but became the majority after the Holocaust because erliche Yiden saw that without an own state they were killed without almost no protests

  10. Matis-not only Zalmen is correct; Karta Achmadinedjad people “daven” Nusach Ashkenaz.
    BTW, you know, Matis, that the Gaon Rabbeinu Rav Avigdor Miller, zy’a, sforim(espessially “Awake My Glory”) are BANNED in some of the “yeshivos”(unlike ones by zoologist), rachmono l’tzlon.


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