Rav Aharon Schechter: Parents Must Be Able to Say No Or Render Their Children Parent-less


rav-aharon-schechterThis past week, a large group of parents of Yeshiva Chaim Berlin students gathered in Flatbush, Brooklyn, for a special asifa to raise awareness of the spiritual dangers inherent in many of the technological devices available today. With technological advances being made at a rapid clip, mechanchim and parents are being urged to not only keep pace, but to be a step ahead, in order to protect Yiddishe children from the harmful elements that are out there. The recent gathering at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin featured remarks from Rav Chaim Aharon Weinberg, menahel of Yeshivat Ateret Torah.

The parents were also addressed by Harav Aharon Schechter, Rosh Hayeshiva of Yeshiva Chaim Berlin and a member of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Agudath Israel of America.

Harav Schechter, who was visibly emotional while he spoke, gave an impassioned plea to the parents to protect the ruchniyus of their children. He implored them to prevent their children from obtaining spiritually dangerous devices that can wreak havoc on their pure neshamos. And he urged them to have the strength to say “no” to their children when necessary and not surrender to their children’s wants and demands.

Maseches Avos is called by that name, said Rav Schechter, because the job of teaching derech eretz is the job of a father, an av. And a father has to be able to say no to a child as well. Otherwise, said Rav Schechter, the children will grow up parent-less, and it will be tantamount to growing up in a dor yasom.

Without parents protecting and guarding their children from harmful influences, the children are left on their own, in a spiritually dangerous world, and are, indeed, parent-less in that sense, was the message the parents received from Rav Schechter.

Rav Weinberg, during his presentation, showed a video depicting the ever-present dangers of modern technological devices, making it clear what children can get entrapped in and how vigilant parents must be during these turbulent times.

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  1. This was NOT a “Chaim Berlin” event. The gedolim ordered that ALL YESHIVOS in Brooklyn have this mandatory meeting with the parent body this month.

    Yeshiva Torah Vodaas had it’s meeting last week. t the Chaim Berlin event the video that was shown was scary and the Rosh yeshiva really said what had to be said and it’s scary living in this generation.

  2. I totally understand the need to shelter our children. At the same time, reality must be faced. It is almost impossible to shelter completely. There needs to be a way to bring up children WITH the internet

  3. okay I missed that one if any one knows th answer I would like to know. you selter your child up until what age and at some point your child can afford and has complete independence on the internet in fact a greater portion of a persons life is not sheltered at some age as parents we will have to teach them to choose their own online content. how?

  4. Thank you again Matzav for bringing this up. Please tell your readers about http://www.guardureyes.com. It’s an amazing network of help for people struggling in these areas. besides having tons of tips and information on the site, guardureyes has a forum where people give each other tons of chizuk. And also they offer free phone conferences and hot-lines, accountability partners, tons of stories, lots of great internet filter options – and best of all is the daily chizuk e-mails on breaking free from internet addiction (as well as general chizuk on shmiras Ainayim). in my experience, if i don’t get FRESH chizuk every day, it’s very hard to stay Erlich. This site is alive. It’s a whole thriving community of Jews looking to become purified!

  5. Does anyone know if there is a link to the video that Rabbi Weinberg presented?
    I am from out of town and would like to hear his speech and view the video.


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