Rav Aharon of Satmar Visits Chabad Mikvah in Texas Named After Satmar Rov


satmar-visits-chabad-texas-3[Photos below.] Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, who resides in Monroe, NY, recently paid a visit to the Chabad of Fort Worth, Texas.

Rav Aharon spent time visiting and examining the new mikvah at the Chabad Center, which is named the Divrei Yoel Mikvah after the Satmar Rov, Rav Yoel Teitelbaum zt”l, great-uncle of Rav Aharon.

A large portion of the funds needed to complete the mikvah were donated by Chassidim of Rav Aharon with his encouragement. Rav Ahron was impressed with the design of the mikvah, we well as the hiddurim employed in the construction of the mikvah to ensure that it meets the most stringent halachic requirements.

See below for photos of the visit:

{Casriel Bauman-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Does the Mikva use the Chabad shitta that virtually all others (including Chasidim and Litvaks) hold make the Mikva unkosher?

  2. #2 is apparently an am haaretz as there are virtually no poskim that hold a Chabad mikvah to not be kosher. I challenge you to name one.

  3. #2 please most chassidim use the shitta of the bal hatanya…or Harav… The chozetz chayim quotes the shulacha Harav…

  4. This Chabad is my Schul. I took the pictures. Meeting the Satmar Rebbe was a once in a life time experience for me.
    His Chassidim that work here have davened with us on Tisha b’Av. Here is an example of Veahavta l’recha kamocha in action

  5. #2 “Ben Torah”:
    That Chabbad shita is not actually a Chabad shita. It’s a chumra from the Mogen Avraham, but I’m sure you knew that. Furthermore, no one holds that it’s unkosher.

  6. even poskim who prefer a boir zeria or hashoka through a boir leyad bor over a boir al gabei boir (chabad), don’t ch”v hold a bor al gabei bor to be posul.
    see seifer mikve mayim from rav yirmye katz (not a lubavitcher) where he explains at length why bor al gabei bor is the best mikva.
    besides that, most mikvos built by chabad in a bor al gabei bor style, have a a boir zrie also, so even other poskim would hold it’s a lechatchiledike mikve.

  7. To # 2 “ben torah”

    Dreyst a kup. The 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Rashabs “Boir al gabay Boir” is a hiddur!

  8. Nobody holds that the Mikvah is unkosher Chas vesholom. In fact Horav Y. Kats one of Americas greatest poskim in inyanei mikvah, explains the advantage of the “chabad” mikvah in his sefer. There is only a questian if it is more mehudar with a bor under the bor tevilah, or from the side etc.

  9. I have family in Fort Worth. It has a very non frum community, I don’t know if there is even one Shomer Shabbos. Chabad has sent several shluchim over the years and they have all left because they couldn’t get a foot hold. I am surprised that they built a mikveh, how many people will use it? One

  10. @L. Oberstein…
    The current Chabad Rabbi has been here in Ft Worth for 10 years. Yes. We have shomer shabbos, Torah and mitzvos even here in Ft Worth. We have a minyan every shabbos and up to 100 for Rosh Hashana/Yom kippur.
    We have a small but close community and I have witnessed some choosing to sell there homes in more expensive parts of the city to move closer to our schul.
    BTW. Check us out.


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