Rav Aharon of Satmar Condemns Abuse of “Baked after Pesach” Labels


Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, in an address on Chol Hamoed in Kiryas Yoel, New York, issued a strong condemnation of those who consume chometz immediately upon the conclusion of chag haPesach.

He also criticized bakeries that label their products as “Baked after Pesach” when preparations for these productions are performed beforehand.

The rebbe has thus banned the sale of chometz sold to a non-Jew or labeled as “Baked after Pesach” from being marketed before three days after Yom Tov have passed.

CB Frommer – Matzav.com Israel


  1. The Rebbe is %100 percent right. The only thing is, waiting 3 days won’t solve the problem. Lemaasa, the companies will still prepare their products BEFORE Pesach.

  2. Years ago I personally witnessed in a heimishe grocery store where I peeked into the curtained off Chometz aisle because I thought I saw someone in there. And the goyishe worker was sticking “Gebaken Noch Pesach” stickers on the products that were already on the shelves.

  3. It’s known in Israel that for a few weeks after Pesach they will sell products that say that it was made after Pesach. Eventually (after a month or more) they will bring out the products that were sold to a goy and start selling them…

    What, you think the stores managed to sell all the chometz before Pesach … Or that they burned it?

  4. The Rabbi dealt specifically with baked goods that is being sold & advertised as baked after Pesach, when in fact all the preparations but for baking was done before Yom Tov.

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