Rally Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks’ After Trump Rips Media


The crowd at President Trump’s Wednesday campaign rally in Duluth, Minn., erupted into chants of “CNN sucks” after the president ripped the news media, The Hill reports.

“So we’ve created 3.4 million new jobs since Election Day,” Trump told the crowd of supporters.

“And I’ve said before if I would have said that to you during the campaign, those very dishonest people back there, the fake news. Very dishonest,” he continued to boos from the crowd.

“They would have said he’s exaggerating,” Trump said to chants of “CNN sucks.” Read more at The Hill.


  1. The chant is valid. Blitzer has never strengthened Torah and Cooper gives us never face of health.

    Abominations are unchecked. They just had a show featuring a jew who ran around the world eating treif. Total disaster. He is dead. Suicide.

    What more? New people with obvious plastic surgical faces to confuse us what G-ds creation is? Crass society. The market is all they want to see. Oddly, code grabs us. Maybe this world will secure a more orthodox future.

    Trump said it well. The only jews he wants to work on his finances are the ones with kippahs. This is kippah world war. We are right and the abominable are crumbling.

    Great enough. No one knows what Hashem has tomorrow. Be it a Temple hoped. Curious era.


  2. If only the Jewish media (newspapers, internet and phone) would wake up and stop reporting from these fake news sites: CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, AP, NYT, etc and start reporting from real news.


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