Raising Pigs in Israel Could Become a Reality


Israel’s religious Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel admitted to Army Radio that a request to raise pigs in Israel was being studied by the ministry at a professional level but said it would probably be rejected.

“The inquiry is required by law,” he said. “We are careful to be particular about a light issue as much as a heavy one (kalah kechamurah) when it comes to the law.”

Fifteen years ago, there was a storm in the Knesset when Judge Michael Cheshin of the High Court was looking into the possible legality of selling pork in Carmiel, Beit Shemesh and Teveriah due to an influx of newcomers from the former Soviet Union.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Israel encourages abortion, gay rights, & chillul Shabbos. So why stop at chazir? The yarlmuka wearing AG will definitely approve of it.

      • Try withstanding 39 lashes with a whip & a blade I think, oh it’s only 39, no big deal, r u serious do u think u could survive 39 of them let alone 1, please don’t shrug off malkus it’s a big deal

  2. Oink is not hello. Maybe they just want food for their pet pythons. They might strangle the treif eaters.

    Good for us. Snake heaven.

    23 foot pythons. They may have a right.


    • I definitely need to change my vacuum bag and could probably use a new belt already. I wouldn’t want to vacuum up a snake. It wouldn’t fit and it would jam the vacuum cleaner. Then the belt would tear and a burning stench would ensue.

  3. Do u actually have 2 put a pic of a pig on ur website, it’s disgusting sick nasty gross nauseating despicable 2 look it, it’s a treif animal that rolls in mud like Rashi says in the it’s shows it’s split hooves but doesn’t chew it’s cud, we really don’t want 2 look @ a pic of a pig ty, u could write the article without a pic


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