Rain in the Forecast for Tomorrow


metlife-stadiumDear Editor,

The weather reports indicate a 50% chance of rain for tomorrow’s Siyum Hashas at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. All are asked to now daven that it not rain tomorrow or during the event. Scattered thunderstorms are being predicted for tomorrow evening.

See a weather update here.

Thank you.

A Daf Yomi Learner

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  1. BiMechilas Kvodchem: Davening for Atziras HaGeshamim is Asur!

    Instead, let us Daven positively, that this great and wonderful Kidush HASHEM will get maximum Siyata DiShmaya.

  2. if there is a drought and the geshamim will only inconvenience are we justified in davening for no rain

    daf yomi lerner .. do you remember this sugyah ??

  3. Blessings to all the participants, organisers and security people at the Siyum Hashas at MetLife Stadium tomorrow.

  4. There is a 40% chance of rain. If it does rain it’s doubtful it will be for the entire program. Problem is there may be thunderstorms which may cause a safety issue. Thursday evening it’s supposed to be clear.

    I think you take the chance for tomorrow evening with the expectation it will rain. Just come prepared with a poncho/umbrella etc… If you push it off to the next day I imagine it will cause havoc with people’s schedules including the Rabbonim (weddings etc…). Since it’s not supposed to be a total wash out I would go ahead and do the siyum tomorrow. Mazel Tov to all!

  5. Daven for it not to rain?!?

    I don’t think we do that!! Especially when we need rain so badly.

    If Hashem wants us there, we will be there. If not, HE knows what’s best for us!

  6. Editor:

    There are advertisement pictures in the Weather Channel link provided. Perhaps supply the information without the extras.

    Thank you

  7. According to halacha, one should not daven that it not rain. If we are blessed with rain they will go with the contingency plans which they have.

  8. You have a right to be mispalel for Geshomim Be’Itoi. There is no right to be mispalel that it not rain at a particular time. We don’t daven that it not rain on Sukkos. If there is excessive rain with dangerous flooding, there is then precedent to daven for rain to stop.

  9. Do you have no bitachon? How can you ask to daven not to rain? H”BH decides L’brocho v’lo L’klalla. If H”BH wants rain, then we give thanks for the rain and try to understand why HE wanted it. There is a severe drought going on and now you want to pray for no rain.

    We should be concentrating our tefilot on what is really needed.

  10. Daven that it NOT rain?! You are out of your mind! You sound like a spoiled brat, kofer be’ikar! You are going to take on HKB”H?! What a fool!

  11. If you listen to the forecasts during the summer months, they say ‘scattered thunderstorms’ about half of the time. They almost never hit where I am. Scattered means just that-scattered. But I am still davening.


  13. The one tefilah that the KOhen Gadol asked for while we was lifnai v’lifnim on Yom Hakippurim was that H’ shouldn’t listen to tefilas oivrei drachim – this is exactly the reason. I cant imagine any self respecting gadol would agree that we should be mevatel torah to daven that it shouldn’t rain tomorrow.

  14. Who said that its mutttar to daven so it shouldn’t rain. Firstly we have a drought and secondly since when did rain harm anyone. We don’t cancl a funeral when it rains.we need gishmay bracha right now. Unless respective rabbonim come out with a public announcement to daven not to have rain then we should just deal with geting a bit wet or push itt off if possible.

  15. Had they gone with the TRUE date of the Siyum, which is really Thursday, there would be no problems or worries. Why make it a day earlier?

  16. Although I also hope it does not rain, I wonder if this prayer falls under the category of the Ovrei Derachim-the ones that the kohen gadol prays against in the kodesh hakadoshim on yom kippur. He says, “Please do not listen to the wayfarers who pray that it does not rain,” The truth is that we need the rain desperatley in certain areas of the US.

  17. Who ever heard of yidden davening that it shouldn’t rain.

    Rain is the biggest bracha in the world.

    14 years ago, when they asked Moshe Sherer why not make the siyum outdoors (instead of two smaller stadiums) he said because noone should even have a hava amina to daven that it shouldn’t rain.

    Let it rain! Let it pour!

  18. Not sure if we are permitted to daven that it shouldn’t rain, especially if we are in a country that is going through a severe drought.
    Use some saichel and bring a poncho. (I heard they are giving them out there).
    If they can play football in that makom in the rain, we can show some mesiras nefesh and stand in the rain for k’vod Shomayim.

  19. Please let people know about public transportation available for Siyum Hashasat at MetLife Stadium:

    On http://www.351express.com :
    Agudath Israel of America
    Wednesday, August 1- The Coach USA 351 Express buses to the
    Agudath Israel of America religious event will run continuously between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm
    from Area X (41st Street between 8th & 9th Ave).
    The last bus will leave the New Meadowlands Stadium 30 minutes after the event ends. In the event of rain, the event will be moved to Thursday, August 2. Buses will run on the same schedule.
    Call (800) 877-1888 , Ext. 3 for more information.
    ( I called the above number and was told that buses leave from 42nd Street between 8 and 9 Ave – not 41st as stated on website).
    Check directions on http://www.metlifestadium.com/directions.php#transit :
    Coach USA Bus Service (Route Number 351)
    Coach USA provides the 351 Meadowlands Express bus service from the Port Authority to MetLife Sports Complex for NFL games and other large events at MetLife Stadium. The 351 bus service will begin two and one half (2 1/2) hours prior to the start of a game and will continue to run until one half hour (1/2) after the start of a game. The 351 bus line will be operational for approximately one (1) hour following the conclusion of the game. Drop-off and pick-up at the Sports Complex is located near Parking Lot K. A round-trip ticket costs $10 and a one-way ticket is $5.00. Please visit http://www.351express.com or call (800) 877-1888 , Ext. 3 for more information.

  20. Agree, to daven for it not to rain is like skinning a cat and thinking that the cat is going to walk again. Either way, G-d has a plan and if the event goes at a different time, that is how fate was meant to be. Do not daven to save yourself time or money or to hurry up time. Daven to get G-ds will.

  21. Roeh es ha noled. See the outcome.

    So say 100,000 Jews daven that it not rain during what is the worst drought in the USA since the Dust Bowl from 1933-1936 when HKBH removed the soil from 4 states. (interesting to note that this was at the same time that Hitler rose in power with the assistance of fine Americans like Henry Ford, Tom Watson and FDR).

    The power of the Tzibor stops the rain; for 1 night? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year?

    So now you first have food prices rising and then rationing and then starvation. keep in mind that during difficult economic times, Anti-Semitisim raises its head (already happening with the imploding economy and increasing unemployment). W/O water no crops, w/o crops no livestock (and you thought the closing of Rubashkins was bad) we are not talking just Kosher here, we are talking food for the nation/world since US is currently a net supplier of food to the world market.

    The next thing will be the Pogroms, but don’t worry, Homeland Security already has the detention centers built throughout the USA by Haliburton Corp. so that the US Govt can ‘protect’ the Jews from the rampaging mobs who are screaming death to the Jews. (Boy sounds to me a lot like Germany in the 1930’s).

    Let’s listen ‘why should I make Aliyah? I have everything I need in Monsey (Berlin is my Jerusalem.) Sound familiar.


  22. Since when does man plan an outdoor event and asks HKH to stop rain for an entire city just so the few hours we planned could go right? Its the most selfish request ever. Its contrary to any Jewish idea


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