Rahm Emanuel Not Interested in Becoming First Jewish President


rahm-emanuelChicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says he has no interest in becoming the nation’s first Jewish president, The Financial Times reports.

“Before being hired by Obama, Emanuel used to say he wanted to be America’s first Jewish Speaker,” writes columnist Edward Luce. “Now he is Chicago’s first Jewish mayor. If he succeeds, chiefly by fixing the city’s troubled finances, money would be no object.

“‘I have never heard Rahm say he wants to be president, says (former Obama campaign adviser David) Axelrod with conviction,” Luce continues. “‘I am done in this job,’ says Emanuel, when I ask him if he wanted to be America’s first Jewish president. “I am done. Period. I have achieved my lifetime’s ambition.”

Emanuel, 54, left the White House to run for mayor of the Windy City, billing himself as an agent for change after the 22-year reign of Richard M. Daley. He won the election and became the city’s top boss in 2011. Read more at Newsmax.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. At a meeting with local askanim in Chicago before the election he said ” I will be a Mayor that (happens to be) is Jewish, not a Jewish Mayor”.

    He has very little connection to anything Jewish

  2. does he think anyone is interested in his becoming president? the turkish gazette apparently doesn’t think so , reported a reporter from istanbul late saturday afternoon according to unconfirmed reports cited in various journals.the article continued to spew forth rhetoric and unsubstantiated innuendo relating to sundry matters .

  3. Will there actually be a jewish president who actually keeps the commandments and wears Tzitzis, keeps his head covered and has a good true Torah Beard? That’s the jewish president we want. Not a bag off who has a suffering finger and a smile against time. Mr. Emmanuel is more pirate than yid. But it would be fun huh?


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