‘Racism Is As American As Baseball’ Banner Displayed At Fenway Park


A banner reading “Racism is as American as baseball” was unfurled over the Green Monster at the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park Wednesday.

The banner was only up on the famed green wall for a few minutes before security confiscated it and removed the people responsible for displaying it, according to Deadspin.

“During the 4th inning of tonight’s game, four fans unfurled a banner over the left field wall in violation of the club’s policy prohibiting signs of any kind to be hung or affixed to the ballpark. The individuals involved were escorted out of Fenway Park,” a statement from the team read. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Was this banner up before the 2009 racist election – when electing someone solely for his color with not iota of any presidential qualification? Or is it only after electing someone who’s making America great again?

  2. Looky, looky, look at me!
    Our shining virtue’s plain to see!
    Here’s some news if you can dig it
    Every one of you’s a bigot!
    Don’t tell me of civil rights
    I know you marched with the Klan’s knights
    You define “Bad” to the letter
    We’re above you, so much better
    All your good deeds don’t count a whit
    We’ll still deplore you, every bit
    Unless you’re hard left you’re just trash
    A deplorable who worships cash
    In my tolerant, accepting heart
    Your right-wing life can play no part
    Let one main thing be understood
    We’re pure and holy, you’re no good!

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