Rachmastrivke Rebbe’s Gabbai Almost Stabbed by Petitioner Who Wished to See the Rebbe


rachmastrivke-rebbe-eretz-yisroelA month after the gruesome murder of Rav Elazar Abuchatzeira by an individual who had come to seek his bracha, a dramatic turn of events took place in the court of the Rachmastrivke Rebbe in Yerushalayim.

Last night, a bochur said to be of Sefardic descent arrived at the Rachmastrivke Bais Medrash in Gsuh Shmonim to speak to the Rebbe. As it was not the designated time for people to meet with the Rebbe, the gabbai, Reb Mordechai Asher Cooperman, stood guard and did not allow the young man entrance into the chamber of the Rebbe.

The supplicant turned toward Reb Mordechai Asher and demanded to be allowed to see the Rebbe, threatening to stab him with a knife. The gabbai was undettered and proceeded to escort the young man from the building. At that point, the young man showed Reb Mordechai Asher his knife and was reportedly about to use it.

Police were immediately called to the scene.

The eerie similarity between this incident and the recent incident in Beer Sheva was not lost on the many Yidden who gathered at the Rachmastrivke Bais Medrash upon learning of what happened.

“It could have ended much worse,” said one chossid.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. We need to have security checkpoints at the houses and shtibels of rebbes.
    It’s clear this attempted murderer came for trouble otherwise why was he carrying a knife.

  2. Bad News. Every Rebbe will have to have metal detectors at his doors. Either that or tunstills with an EZ Pass for regulars.

  3. I wonder why Matsav found it necessary to publish the descent of the bochur? Does the bochur’s descent make any difference to the story?

  4. What is this world coming to? It’s a charpa & a busha! Where’s respect for our leaders & kovod Torah?? What kind of generation are we living amongst??

  5. …Last night, a bochur said to be of Sefardic descent…

    useless detail, and halacically problematic, especially if it wasn’t confirmed…

  6. I just saw Rav Kupperman by mincha. He is my brother in laws mechutan. They never stabbed him b’Chasdei Hashem however he is all shook up. Tefillos should however be said because what could have happened. Davin for Chaim Usher ben Menucha Tehilla

  7. it seems that no one was actually stabbed.

    The guy THREATENED to stab the gabbai, and as he was being escorted from the building, he chanced upon a knife that was lying around the room where the “tisch” takes place, which he threw towards the gabbai. The knife landed at the gabbai’s feet.

    Besides for the fact that there’s a knife and a rabbi involved, there is little similarity between the two stories, since the Be’er Sheva story involved a premeditated murder.

  8. Just confirmed that they are installing metal detectors in boro park by the chantover rebb for the kvitel season this yomim noraim

  9. I guess every Rebbe & Gabai will need to be armed & protected. Should we have screning too like in the airports? OMG, What this world has come to!

  10. These are the kind of things that happen when klal yisroel does not do teshuva AFTER HASHEM sends us so many tragic messages to do teshuva.


  11. TO number 38:
    I think anyone that can even fathom to threaten a stabbing is dangerous and needs help. If police are called there is a big chance that the bachur will get help. This is a criminal charge not a simple matter. Also, no one knows what his intentions are and after the R’ Abuchatzeira case no one is taking a chance either.


    Tell me, please: was it a milchig knofe or a fleishig knofe? Thse things are imporant.

  13. Who cares whether the guy was a Sephadi, an Askenazi or any other label, Jewish or not?

    Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel has plumbed new depths of journalistic bankruptcy with this so-called “reporting”.

    Somehow I do not think he will be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize any time before ??? ?????.

  14. #38, of coarse they shouldnt call the police. Next time a Jew points a gun at you threatening to kill you, you will call up your rov and take him to a din torah.

  15. Sounds like they are on drugs or sounds a little like mind-controlled. When news gets that much exposure, it brings out copy cats. The world is in chaos. Chazal tells us about even animals becoming more aggressive before the coming of Moshiach. We read all the time about attacks from bears, monkeys & dogs, etc. all over the world.

  16. To #46… Wouldn’t it sound ridiculous to write… Who is of “ashkenazic” decent..? Maybe it should’ve said “… Who is of hungarian decent… “, or ” of Polish decent” Clearly it was only written in negative connotation. .. And the Sinas Chinam continues…!

  17. “On the other hand we do need to think practically. While placing our trust in Hashem we must take appropriate measures to ensure our own safety. This murder HAS changed things. The mentally ill act out by imitating others who have gained notoriety. There is a very real danger that others will try to follow this example ?”?. When I was young this phenomenon was seen with a string of postal workers involved in workplace shootings. Steps must be taken to protect Gedolim and those around them, but as hishtadlus and not fear.” http://matzav.com/those-close-to-gerrer-rebbe-and-rav-chaim-kanievsky-say-they-are-worried-after-baba-elazars-murder #19

  18. If it was taka a milchege knife then we must make sure it is kashered bc a p-erson is vadai besari. Also the heat of the knife is enough to make it a doraissa. Someone should kasher the knife before it is used again and treifs up the oilam.

  19. To # 50: It’s time for you to grow up! Your Liberalism won’t get you anywhere in life! You can continue to hide behind slogans like sinas chinam, lashon hora, etc… do nothing in life & remain a loser!

  20. To # 54: It would be wise to think a bit before posting such a comment. The words we say/ post are a reflection of who we are… Just some food for thought…

  21. i suppose the reason why my comment was not publishe is because you failed to understand that i was being sarcastic in the begining of my comment keep up the good work


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