Racheli Frankel Sues Iran And Syria


Racheli Frankel’s son Naftali was one of three teenagers kidnapped and murdered in June 2014. She is currently suing Iran and Syria for $340 million in damages in an American court for its alleged funding of Hamas activities including the kidnapping.

Arutz Sheva reports that she will present the federal court with newly revealed documentation proving that the two Islamic countries funded the kidnapping. An IDF intelligence agent and a former CIA agent will testify on her behalf.

There is evidence indicating that the murderers received 220,000 shekels through Gaza’s A-Nur charity.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Whatever it takes to stop this murderous regime go full throttle. You’ll have a zechus in preventing more atrocities. Kol ha’kavod. We watched how through your unbearable pain you sought out the achdus in klal Yisroel and showed the rest of am Yisroel the positive way to encounter such trials from hakadosh baruch Hu

  2. you are an amazing woman, mrs. frankel. your emunah has shown through all your tzoros; you have been m’chazeik klal yisroel


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