Rabbonim Machshirim In Talks to Make Marijuana Kosher


pot-marijuanaRabbonim at the OU, the Orthodox Union, are in early talks with marijuana companies looking to receive kosher certification. However, the potential stamp of approval would only apply to medical marijuana, and it’s still only in the phase of “preliminary discussions,” Rav Moshe Elefant, the head of the Orthodox Union’s kashrus devision, told The Jewish Daily Forward.

Other Jewish groups have taken a more active stance toward marijuana legalization.

“It’s undeniable that the current system isn’t working,” said Claire Kaufmann, one of the founders of Oregon-based Le’Or, a Jewish drug-law-reform group. “It isn’t protecting kids, it isn’t decreasing consumption levels and it’s perpetuating a black market which is dangerous and where the people running that market are incentivized to deal harder, more addictive drugs.” Read more at The Jewish Daily Forward.

[Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter]


  1. umn…does it have to be checked for bugs?
    and if its for medical purposes why would it need hashgacha- most medications do not require hashgacha? even medications for pain….

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the comments on this one. Nu, anonomous in Lakewood what do you have to say? Bubbe in brooklyn, what’s your two cents? We should really be hearing from those suffering from glaucoma or enduring endless chemotherapy who can actually benefit from this, just like we all do when we take painkillers and other drugs when we suffer.

  3. Should be legal like alcohol…That aside should ABSOLUTELY be legal for medicinal purposes. My step-sister went through chemo and could have benefited from this — illegal in her state even for medicinal purposes.

  4. I believe there exists a tape of a speech where R’ Gifter Zatza”l responding to overhearing 2 “yeshiva bochurim” (not Telzers)discussing if it is assur anywhere in Shulchan Aruch to smoke pot to relieve anxiety before a b’china. He calls marijuana smokers “nuvul b’rshus haTorah.” And it’s doubtful that he meant that it’s b’rshus haTorah, except that he was reacting to the fact that these were “yeshiva bochurim” attempting to justify it by saying you can’t find a clear issur in halacha.

  5. Clearly arranging medical cannabis to alleviate actual suffering and pain should enjoy legal status. However, how many Medical Marijuana card holders’ conditions are somewhat dubious and in reality recreational uses.


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