Rabbis Urge Immediate Confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, Say Uncorroborated Testimony Violates Biblical and Accepted Modern Standards


After testimony from both Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Ford, who accused him of misconduct 36 years ago during high school, the Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 1,000 rabbis in matters of public policy, renewed its call for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. The CJV stated that to abandon previous evaluations of Judge Kavanaugh based solely upon uncorroborated testimony would violate both Biblical and accepted modern standards for evidence — and basic fairness as well.

“The Bible not only doubly emphasizes that ‘justice, justice shall you pursue,’ (Deut. 16:20),” said Rabbi Dov Fischer, West Coast Regional VP of the CJV, “but it also enjoins us to avoid peddling in unsubstantiated rumors. (Lev. 19:16) People can easily make mistakes and harm the innocent. Furthermore, we should be judged on the totality of our lives, not merely on one alleged incident, and certainly not on an incident that is unsubstantiated and unprovable.”

While appreciating the pain of the events experienced by Dr. Ford, the rabbis pointed out that the Senate was prepared to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as an extraordinarily well-qualified candidate until opposing Senators pulled out her initially-anonymous letter as a last-ditch effort to block the vote — and then failed to corroborate her charge.

“Is it now the American way to discard an outstanding candidate,” asked Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, Vice President of the CJV, “based solely upon an uncorroborated, unsubstantiated accusation that is even contradicted by those named to support it? It is immoral to besmirch someone’s name in the court of public opinion on ‘evidence’ that would not stand in a court of law.”



  1. This is so awesome. Hashem comes through. His bible is absolute.

    Proud Israel right. Our rabbis the full bible perfect.

  2. As a survivor of assault – with my abuser blatantly denying what he did – this makes me ashamed to be part of the frum community

    • As a survivor of assault, you surely did not keep the pain inside you for 36 years and only then decided to broadcast it drastically in all fake news accusing the one who assaulted you. In other words, you’re comparing apples to oranges. The Rabbis are right when they say that this incident is unsubstantiated and unprovable.

      • you should really seek help if all you’re waiting for is admission and not treatment and peace in another way. It is obvious that there was no proof and clear denial by potential witnesses and if you’re in a place of : every man is guilty until proven innocent etcc then you really are not in a good place. I pray you find peace very soon. Ruining mens lives for political gain is a “dark ages” tactic and unamerican.

    • Without corroborating evidence, anyone can accuse anyone of anything. Without witness, you cannot find people guilty. If the Sangedrin killed one person, they were considered a STRICT Sanhedrin…We have biblical and civil laws for a reason. Anyone can get up and accuse anyone. Do you not understand that? If someone is really guilty, why dont you count on Hashem to met out justice eventually. He knows our truth. Punishment in the other world is much harsher than here. True, its better to be punished here, but that’s up to Hashem. You just are looking for the satisfaction of seeing him punished, but that’s up to Hashem .Ponder that for a moment. You CANNOT judge anyone guilty by hearsay. So your disappointment is factually groundless. If you trust in Hashems justice, you wouldnt feel that way. You just want to see it and that, obviously is not HIS WILL for whatever reason you dont quite understand. There is no REAL JUSTICE in this world, only in the other.

  3. I am very curious to know whether it was the consensus Orthodox rabbi’s to get involved in this affair it just doesn’t sound right

  4. This is not a court of law. This is a job interview. None of the above applies.
    There are many overly qualified candidates dying to have this job.
    You are hiring for a job that will impact millions of people for decades and who can never be fired.
    Many of the candidates have zero skeletons in their closet – similar to 7 of the current 8 employees.
    The person you are interviewing might have acted in an improper manner in their youth.
    A worst case scenario is that he currently still has many issues. (Including lying under oath to you. )
    There is no way of verifying.
    To any manager, this is a no-brainer. You go to the next candidate.

    • and what makes you so sure other candidates are clear…because the democrats have no reason to produce?.. what about tesuvah?what he will have impact net 35 years has nothing to do with what (didnt )happen 36 years ago

      • Did you read what was written?
        This is a job interview.Teshuva and age have nothing to do with this. He is already a terrible candidate.
        The only one caught with this issue is Thomas. NOBODY ELSE.

    • wrong! this case will be serving an example for many years to come.. that you cant just pay people and organizee pple to ruin ones life because you don’t like his politics or the way he will rule. That is not democratic and has to be stopped before it starts…

      • Conspiracy ??? Was Anita Hill also a conspiracy???
        Weinstein too?
        How about Larry Nassar? Kevin Spacey? Bill Cosby?
        At least believe it and blame it on immaturity.

  5. I don’t know who these Rabbis are, however they happen to be 100% correct.
    I doubt that there is one Democrat in both the Senate and Congress that are clean in this regard.
    This candidate is a winner – the right man for this job. He has all the credentials. No reason to look further
    I seriously doubt anything that Ms Ford is saying, seeing to what extent these Democrats and the media are willing to go in order to discredit our President, or make him look bad.
    Pure slander and dirty politics.
    And to Been There – I am sorry to hear that you were abused, and may such person get his/her just punishment from the One Above. But that is no reason to believe every person that issues a claim of sexual abuse. I have seen too many innocent people being hurt by such lies and slander.
    I hope that he is confirmed quickly.

    • When Obama was in power the Rino’s all folded like cheap cameras and let him annoint 2 extreme left-wing Supreme Court appointees without making a peep. The Republican party is a gutless spineless party.

  6. I don’t understand this. Don’t we say that even though you can’t believe Motzi Shem Rah, you have to take the proper precautions just in case it is true? L’Maichesh Miha Ba’ee..

    • Only an idiot would believe that there’s a shred of truth in this hoax being aired for the first time after 36 years – and G-d fearing Rabbis are not idiots!

      • You know absolutely zero about what he has done his whole life and you have determined that there isn’t even a shred of truth. How do you know ?

  7. if every adult had to account for every stupid thing he may have done when a teenager, we would never find 200 ‘innocent’ people to fill congress

  8. Testimony that is not coorobororated is worthless. It is cr active fan fiction that lacks any pretense of credibility


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