“Rabbis” for Human Rights: No To Jewish Street Signs


The Rabbis for Human Rights group has petitioned the High Court to order the removal of Hebrew street signs in the Jewish section of Chevron. They obliterate the city’s Palestinian identity, the organization complained.

“In a systematic, deliberate manner, the ‘Committee of the Renewal of the Jewish Community of Chevron’ erases Palestinian cultural identity from Chevron’s Shuhada Street and replaces it with a narrative consistent with the position of its members,” the petition stated.

For two years, Jews have been putting up street signs on Palestinian shops and private Palestinian property, changing the name of streets from Arabic to Hebrew, the rabbis said.

They were particularly angered by a large sign installed in front of a row of abandoned Arab stores which states: “These stores were closed by the IDF for security reasons after Arabs began the ‘Oslo War’ (the Second Intifada) in September 2000, attacking, wounding and murdering Jews on this road.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Please!!! Dont refer these soine hadas, soine yisroel, as Rabbis…they are ,maaybe, clergymen. Better yet since these whatever dont believe in diety the term clergy also doesnt apply

  2. This group is well known for its notorious efforts at aiding and abetting the PA and their supporters and hindering the IDF in all of its responsibilities. You will never see them engaging in helping the victims of Islamic terrorism


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