Rabbi’s Claim: Vatican Hoarding Vessels from Second Bais Hamikdosh


vaticanThe Vatican is evading questions on whether or not it is holding artifacts from the Second Bais Hamikdosh, Rabbi Yonatan Shtenzel told Arutz Sheva correspondents Wednesday, in what he calls “diplomatic evasion.”

Talmudic sources note that several of the keilim from the Second Bais Hamikdosh ended up in the Vatican’s hands, Rabbi Shtenzel said.

There is recent evidence that the Vatican still has these vessels in its possession, he argued.

Rabbi Shtenzel spoke at length about the personal experiences of Rabbi Yisroel Miller, a Satmar chossid from Yerushalayim who visited the Vatican and stated that he had seen several of the keilim in person, and of former Religious Affairs Minister Professor Shimon Shitrit, who stated several years ago that Italian academics had contacted him about the keilim. The information later led to a diplomatic falling-out between the Religious Affairs Ministry and Pope John Paul II; yet the Vatican still remains quiet over the fate of the vessels.

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  1. Whether or not they have the keilim, they definitely have thousands of books and manuscripts that were stolen from Jews over the centuries in their library. With all the legal actions and public finger pointing that has occurred about Jews art stolen by the Nazis, it would seem that there should be more interest in all the things the Vatican has stolen.

  2. Who should the vessels be returned to? The Zionist state? When the proper times comes, the vatican will tremble in terror and return everything. I expect those champions of falsity to say they safekeeped.

  3. Of what use are they without moshiach the Israeli govt is not the right receptor for these things if in fact it’s true. Let us first be worthy of receiving these artifacts in proper holiness. Better to be on good relations with the Vatican for now.

  4. The Beis Hamikdash in Yerushalayim was destroyed in the secular year 70. When was Chritianity establsihed ? When was the Catholic church established ? When exactly was the Vatican established ? And how did the Keilim from the Beis Hamikdash survive the Churban and exist all the way until the Vatican was established and how did the Keilim travel all the way to the Vatican ? In my very humble opinion, the Keilim being in the Vatican is very (extreme) wishful thinking.

  5. As the gemara relates Tutus (Titus) returned to Rome from conquering Yerushaliem with those keilim, with all the upheaval that occurred in rome between Titus and the founding of the Vatican its still quite likely that they ended up in possession of them.
    There is also the preserved face of the Tana Elokim Reb Yishmael that was preserved that Rashi in his day says he heard are in the “ginzei rome” a clear reference to the vatican.
    Perhaps the keilim are better out of the reach of the secular Israeli government but how amazing would it be if Reb Yishmuels face was givin Kevuras Yisroel

  6. #5. correct in regards to the Keilim.
    Rome wan ransacked in the years after the fall of the Empire (476 CE) by Germanic tribes. They knew how to “Vandalize” a city.
    The Jewish manuscripts & Seforim are another story altogether: they were pilfered by the church over the last thousand years from various Jewish communities throughout Europe.

  7. #5, you make it sound so farfetched.

    Simple. Christianity was not founded as a proper religion till long after Yoshke died.
    At the time, Rome was the capital of the world.
    Christianity spread to Rome and then eventually moved there probably around 100 years after Beis Hamikdash was destroyed. We know that the Keilim were taken to Rome and stored there.
    Once Christianity took over, they became the powers in Rome and took over its major infrastructures.
    Remember, the conquest of the Romans over the Jews would be how Russia would feel if they took over the US.
    Once the Christians took over Rome, they would have access to all its treasures.
    We know definitely that there are 2000 years of Stolen Jewish goods there.
    Why would they not let people see them, is the real problem.

  8. To “Insider”:
    If you knew a little history you would understand. That the Vatican posesses some of the “Klei HaMikdash” is quite Likely.

    To: “ChelmiTe”:
    Youre comments are siilly at best. Hope you are actually smarter than your comment

    Spot on

    To: “Comment from Reader”:
    Spot On

    To: “Aryeh”:

    The only thing that should have been discussed is Access. Return would be a problematic issue since we do not have anyone for them to be returned to

  9. insider: While it is doubtful that the Kelim are actually in the Vatican, it is not far fetched to say that they were once present.
    The kelim were brought to Rome by Titus (as depicted on the Arch of Titus (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rom,_Titusbogen,_Triumphzug_3.jpg; unles the arch is just an allegorical edifice). In 130 AD Rome is considered an important Christian center. In 380, Rome, under Constantine the Great, adopts Christianity. So, not so far fetched…

    PS: In the Radziner’s sefer re. Techels, he brings that a Vatican priest told him the Kelim were stolen from the Vatican when it was plundered (e.g. in 846 by Muhammad I Abu ‘l-Abbas; in the Sack of Rome in 1527).

  10. A little geography lesson is in order.The Vatican is in Rome.Hence any items stolen from the Beis Hamikdosh by the Romans could very well be there.
    Even though I am a Religious Zionist,I don’t trust the Israelis with them.Let them stay where they are until we get the signal from Hashem.
    The books and seforim are another story.They were stolen from us by the CHURCH .

  11. Insider- It says in chazal that keilim were brought to and were in Rome. This is also well known is secular historical documentation (see Titus’s Arch). The Roman Empire eventually became a Christain State and that lead directly to the Roman Cathloc Chirch of today. It is not only a possibility, it is quite likely.

  12. Professor Lawrence Schiffman of YU has already thoroughly destroyed any semblance of possibility that the Vatican has the Keilim. People forget that Rome was absolutely sacked and plundered by the Vandals, only after that arose the Byzantine “holy roman empire” (which was not located in Rome, btw) in which the current Vatican overtook and later moved to current day Rome.

  13. lichvod r’ insider time shlita:have you ever heard of the titus wall in rome? in the wall are etchings of romans carrying keilim of the bais hamikdosh back to rome.there are famous catacombs or caves underneath rome that are controlled by the Vatican where no outsiders have access.that would seem to lend credence to the rumor that keilim are stashed there.NO??

  14. There have been numerous reports like this over the years, but never substantiated. More recently, as reported in the “Zman” magazine, a researcher stated that other than the stone carving in the Arch of Titus, there is no evidence that the vatican actually has any of the kelim. I also find it hard to believe that a Satmer chossid (of all people) went into the vatican vaults and actually saw the kelim. This legend has been making the rounds every few years, but no one has proof.
    Call me a cynic but I dont believe it until I see it!

  15. some very ridiculous comments here for example number 20. according to you how did the romans enter the beis hamikdosh and defile everything if the keilim are kadosh? the answer is the kadosh keilim became tomei! hello!! and they cud of been taken to rome as well.


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