“Rabbis” Arrested Protesting Trump Travel Ban


A group of 19 protesters, including several “rabbis” – 12 women and 7 men who were charged with disorderly conduct – are in police custody after protesting the recent travel ban near the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Columbus Circle, police say, the NEW YORK POST reports.

The protest was organized by the rabbinical liberal group T’ruah to demonstrate against President Trump’s ban, which restricts visitors from seven predominantly Islamic countries.

The group of about 200 “rabbis,” former “rabbis,” and pro-refugee Jewish protesters marched to the hotel at around 7 p.m.



  1. Do they even want to understand what the ban is about? I guess not.These “rabbahs” are just making a fool out of themselves…since, if they had used their brains or could rea properly or comprehend …, they would know that the ban is not an immigrant or muslim ban…But….no sense in educating the uneducated.
    The fact that our grandparents were immigrants is a silly analogy being used. There are immigrants coming into the country. We are just trying to make sure the BAD GUYS don’t enter….but u cannot talk to people who have a hard time hearing….
    Go ahead…protest…you’ll get tired soon….


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