Rabbinical Alliance Calls Upon The MTA To Immediately Remove Offensive Bus Ads


The Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim, a professional rabbinical organization with a membership of 950 Orthodox rabbis, has called on the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to immediately remove the offensive bus ads for the Museum of S–.

“These ads are offensive, shameful and disrespectful,” stated Rabbi Yaakov Klass, a Presidium Member of the RAA and Torah Editor of the Jewish Press. Rabbi Klass added, “these ads are communally insensitive. They undermine efforts to educate children in ways that are age and community appropriate.”

Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, Executive Vice-President of the RAA added, “these ads are displayed on buses that children take to school. It sets the wrong tone for a day of school for a day of serious study without distraction. The message of these ads can disrupt the values that parents teach at home. These ads sensationalize the sacred, taking the most private aspects of life into the public arena in ways that citizens cannot avoid. If New York City is to be a safe place for families to raise children, the MTA must take community standards into account when approving advertisements.”

Rabbi Klass emphasized that the RAA disagrees with the MTA that these ads are protected free speech and called upon that the MTA to immediately remove these offensive ads from their buses. Rabbi Klass concluded that the MTA must refrain from ever again displaying such irresponsible and insensitive ads.



  1. Why do you advertise this even more?
    Not news worthy. The less spoken about, the better…
    Let the Rabbonim handle this off line.

  2. If they don’t listen and drive through orthodox areas why don’t we just block the busses with hundreds of people. I forgot we don’t have so many idealistic people like in Israel. Other tactics is to get kids to spray over them. Where are the youth today.

  3. These ads have been on the trains for over a year and many bochrim and high school girls take the trains and no one has said a word.

  4. Hashem runs the world. Since many do not educate their children in these matters and we now know hundreds (if not thousands) have been abused

  5. The LGBTQPWXYZ filth have gotten much too much power. After all is said and done, these ads, they said “will not be removed but moved to the back of the bus”. As if it makes a difference if it’s in the front, on the side or in the back. We must continue to protest until they’re completely removed.

  6. whoever will be able to accomplish that the mta should remove it i am jealous oh their schar

    thee is one thing about educating your children each on his or her own level
    and its another thing to have filth and vulgarity in our childrens face

  7. Who is funding this museum? I wouldn’t be surprised if there are plenty of Jewish names as donors. Forget the ads. Why can’t we work on closing down the farshtunkina museum? Giuliani cleaned up Times Square when he was Mayor.

  8. Offer a hundred dollar reward for whoever kid defaces the ads. You can even recruit non jewish kids hanging out. For a few bucks this problem is solved.


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