Rabbi Claims Less Than One Million Jews Killed in the Holocaust (Video)


rabbi yosef mizrachi[Video below.] Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi of Monsey, NY, claims in a new video clip that fewer than one million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, not six million, as documented by prominent Holocaust scholars and institutions established to memorialize the six million kedoshim.

In the video, Rabbi Mizrachi, speaking in Hebrew, says, “In every place, we have become used to hearing that six million Jews were murdered… But the truth, I am telling you, is that not even one million Jews were murdered. Not that this is an insignificant number, chalilah. It is a tremendous number. But there is a difference between six million and one million.”

He goes on to explain: “If you ask me how I get one million, it’s very simple… First of all, according to the secular Jews and non-Jews, anyone who has a drop of Jewish blood in them is Jewish… There are thousands of people…in the US whose family names are Cohen or Levi and they are completely non-Jewish. There are thousands named Rosenberg, Miller, Mizrachi, Arush, whatever you want they call them, and they are completely not Jewish. There are many Bucharim in Queens who go around with Magen Dovids, and they had a bar mitzvah and wear tefillin, and they occasionally go to shul, and they are absolute goyim.

“That’s how it was in Europe,” he continued. “Eighty percent of the Jewish people were assimilated and intermarried, many generations before the Holocaust. From the time of Herzl, who intended to Christianize the Jews, as he says in his book, The Jewish State, in a letter to the Pope, ‘Give me time and I will convert all the Jews to Catholicism, and this way we will prevent anti-Semitism and they will no longer be a problem. That’s what’s written in his book, Altneuland. You can open it up and check. Herzl planned to convert all Jews to Christianity 120 years beforehand. After that, from then until the Holocaust, there is another 50 years. Every hour, every day, the Jews intermarried with non-Jews.

“Now, since many of them lived like Jews, even though they were not necessarily religious, but they kept Pesach like some do in Israel, celebrating using electricity and cars and trains, they celebrated a little bit… So what happened? Hitler took every one who had even a quarter of Jewish (blood). If your grandfather from your father’s side was Jewish and the rest were non-Jews, [he sent you] to the gas chambers. They also put in the wives of Jews who were entirely non-Jewish. If she hid him or they were hidden by non-Jews, if they were caught, they killed them as well. A lot of Jews were included in the count, but, in truth, how many Jews were actually killed? According to my humble opinion, not even a million, because if you look at the percent of assimilation that there was in Europe, which already reached 80 percent, it is reasonable to say that 80% of the six million were not Jews… 50 million died…[but] we’re taking only about the number of those who claimed to be Jews.”

It should be noted that while  Mizrachi indicates that Herzl lived 120 years before the Holocaust, in truth, Herzl was born in May of 1860 and died in July of 1904. If only that was the only mistake in his presentation…

Rabbi Mizrachi was born in 1968 in Israel and served in the IDF. He later worked in finance in New York City. Mizrachi founded “Kiruv Organization,” an outreach organization, in 1995, and in 1997, he left his professional career to get involved in kiruv.




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  1. Let me tread very carefully here because Rabbi Mizrachi apparently is an ehrlich sincere person, but… His statement is completely, provably inaccurate. There is not even a smidgen of doubt that the six million figure is correct. Holocaust deniers will most assuredly sieze his statement as one more “proof” to their despicable claims.

  2. This is quite distressing to consider coming from a jew and a man who is in some circles recognized as a rabbi of Israel.

    The word for our worry is not always anti-Semitism but also human historical revision. Of course that may be anti-Semitism if it comes from a non-Jewish holocaust denier. But in this case, a guy who has some credential of some value to a jewish experience somewhere.

    When we can not even find that after 70 years of holocaust history discussed that the very people maligned are thinking that the holocaust deniers are right, we are very much to fear the future. This will continue as Satan is a heretic and a terror force of blasphemy and hate in all of the ages of mankind.

    Welcome to Knowing your Enemy.

  3. He has no knowledge of history: at the time of Holocaust there were very few Polish, Litvish, Hungarian, Russian Jews who were intermarried. Even the Western European Jews were not as intermarried as to be 1 in 6 halachik Jews. Out of 6 millions there might have been at most 100,000 goyim kehalacha. Hope this scandalous statement was due to an honest error, and not a publicity stunt.

  4. Completely inaccurate and inappropriate. Even according to his twisted reasoning, there were more than a million frum Jews killed. Further, those not”completely Jewish” had a lot of aitzos to avoid the camps.
    Unfortunately, this sounds like something not thought through and attention grabbing.

  5. He is somewhat of a “shock value” speaker and sometimes says things before properly researching them- a very wrong thing to do. I am moche!!!

  6. You mean we have to check if Rav Ziemba, Rav Elchonon Wasserman, and a bunch of Rebbes (& their chasidim) were Jewish? Anything for a headline.

  7. This is plain wrong and inaccurate. There are many documented statistics of the number of Jews killed. and although many Jews in Europe had been influenced by Secular ideas and were not religious but intermarriage was not rampant except in the Reform world of Germany. He is off the charts and this should be removed from your site. It is very dangerous and mistaken information. Please remove this!!

  8. I am disappointed in those who are so quick to criticize rabbi Mizrachi. They must not know him well. He is knowledgeable and sincere and not looking for publicity. Also, Matzav’s correction about Herzl living 120 years before – that is not what rabbi Mizrachi meant. He meant that Herzl lived 120 years ago. His english is not the best.

  9. A VERY SAD DAY we are witnessing here…something that Rav Weismandel ZT”L foresaw…that there will come a time that our own children will become holocaust deniers…

    Rav Weismandel ZT”L in his sefer ‘מן המצר’ on page 6 writes just that what we are witnessing here…
    i quote

    ” והשכחה הולכת ומתגברת דבר יום ביומו – ולא יהיה לפלא אם בעוד בחיים חיותינו יכחישו בנינו ובני בנינו את הכל בפנינו
    ..לאמר -, אפשר שנהרגו אלף אנשים יהודים במשך המלחמה באסון—
    והזקן הטיפש הוא מחליף אלף, באלפי אלפים – ואנשים, ביונקי שדים – ואסון, במזיד”

  10. The number of 80 pct intermarriage at that time in Europe is a total figment of his imagination. While it is true that assimilation was rampant at that time but real intermarriage was still considered a major scandal and shame for the majority of klal Yisroel. The most non observant secular Jew still hesitated greatly from marrying a gentile. People would mourn their children if they intermarried even though they were not shomer shabbos. To say otherwise is a blasphemy against the klal Yisroel and is doing a tremendous disservice to our nation. Besides giving chizuk to the holocaust deniers. Matzav should really change the headline.

  11. It is a total fabrication that 80% of Jews in Europe at that time were intermarried -although the influence of assimilation was very strong nonetheless intermarriage was something still held as a major scandal and shame for the Jewish people. Non-observant secular Jews would still mourn the children thatmarried Gentiles. The majority of Jews at that time drew the line at marrying a Gentile whatever level their observance of Torah and mitzvahs were at. To say Otherwise is a terrible indictment of the Jewish people. The headline should definitely be changed as it is very misleading

  12. It makes a lot of sense what he is saying. Its pretty simple, the people who recorded the amounts of deaths might not have been observant jews and did not know about jewish Halacha, which says that a kid born to a goyish mother is a goy and not a jew. At the end it could be the rabbi is right it could be he is not. The point the rabbi is trying to say is that if you intermarry and marry a shiksa your kids will be complete goyim. The rabbi is a big tzaddik and everyone should be dan lekaf zechus him, and receive the message he is trying to deliver, which is don’t rebel against hashem and marry a goy! if you would like to hear the rabbis lectures you can go to DivineInformation.com

  13. The rabbi is a very big Tzaddik! You must all be dan lekaf zechut him! What he is trying to say is that if a jew marries a goyish women then the kids are complete goyim and have no share in the jewish people, and yes Rav elchonan Wasserman would not be considered jewish if he didn’t have the proper lineage. A matter of fact almost every jew today might be a goy and if we don’t go to mikveh leshaim beirut then when moshiach comes we will have no chance to be included amongst the jewish people. Therefore it is very likely that allot of the jews who died in the holocost were not actually jewish. Or who knows maybe they were all jewish only hashes knows! But the point of the rabbi is to try and stop a fry rid from marring a goy, the end. If you want to hear this tzaddiks torah then go to Divine Information.com

  14. He is in no way “condoning” what the Nazi’s did. He is just trying to bring out a point that the Jewish matzav at the time was not so Jewish. The intermarriage rate is like we have now, unfortunately. Will you say that Zuckerberg (Facebook) kids will be “Jewish”? Are Chelsea Clinton’s kids “Jewish”? Etc, etc, etc.

  15. He has a tendency to make up what he does not know. After one of his lecturers on regression, I asked him a question and he first hesitated. Then he gave me an answer in a very assertive manner to make his answer sound authoritative. It was wrong and made up so that he looked good to me. This was not asked in front of others and it would not have been embarres if he just said I don’t know.
    When I teach and a student asks me a question that I don’t know, I say I don’t know & let me get back to you with the answer.
    There were other occasions where he took one opinion of Chazal and made it sound like it is the only opinion. He also said in another lecture if you do a certain sin then it is over and no more Teshuvah. This is false and Appicurses/totally contrary to Halacha.
    He may mean well but he steps over the line. He probably didn’t loose lots of family in WWII. So he talks like holocaust denier. He causes a lot of harm with many of his statements.

  16. Duuuuhhhh!!!!!!

    Even if he was right that 80% were intermarried, but half of those unions would be jewish mothers with gentile fathers…. meaning only half of the offspring of these couples were non-jews. And chances are that these type of couples had many less children than religious non intermarried couples.
    All these comments and no one picks up on this? I guess the author isn’t the only mathematically challenged one…

  17. This
    is not the first time this has been done to HaRav Mizrachi’s videos,
    so it appears he is saying one thing, but is actually not what he said
    at all. These are the people who can not handle hearing The Emet of
    Hashem and The Torah and will go to any lengths to stop the warriors
    of HKBH from speaking The Truth. When HaRav Mizrachi says in his
    lectures that a mechalel Shabbat is worse then a murderer, did he make
    that up? No! It is from The Torah. If those who like to rant and
    rave against him so viciously and maliciously, would actually read
    what is written in The Torah, they will probably be shocked, because
    they never heard this before, because they were never taught this in
    their day school or yeshiva. Truth be told, if you read the Aseret
    Hadibrot, in the order from most important to lesser, but still
    important, observing Shabbat, a covenant we made with Hashem is
    commanment #4 and not to murder, is #6. A murderer can count in a
    minyan, if he keeps Shabbat, but a violater/desecrator of Shabbat, can
    not! He also can not be called to The Torah, for an aliyah and can
    not sign the marriage ketubah. Hashem mentions this 12 times in His
    Torah what will happen to someone who violates the Shabbat, his soul
    will be cut, out of the Jewish Nation and Hashem uses the term, ״מות
    יומת״ If you don’t believe me, look it up yourself. Stop with all
    the nasty words, vicious attacks and go back to studying The Torah,
    correcting your meedot and doing chesed. We are all wanting to see
    the world corrected with the kingdom of Hashem, when Moshiach comes,
    speedily in our days, Amen, but we have to join together in achdut,
    for that to happen!

  18. Even if you make allowances for his mediocre command of the English language, his claim is still ludicrous. Half of klal Yisrael was wiped out in the Holocaust. To say anything less is pure blather and plays into the hands of the deniers. What’s he going to say next, the megilla is wrong and we didn’t kill “chamesh mayos ish”?

  19. You’re 1000% right. I had the displease of dealing with one of his geirus projects who shortly thereafter reverted to being “non-Jewish.” I called him because we had expected this to happen and he just talked in circles and would not admit it was a mistake.

  20. The article title looks shocking but when I watched the video, there is nothing new. Its a well known fact.

    Still, we always say 6 million jews because that was Nazi Hitlers attempt, he could care less if they were 1/2 or 1/4 jewish or 100%. So the Nazis should be blamed and persecuted for their wishes. Still, in true Torah essence, only a small part of those were real 100% jewish.

    Rabbi Mizrachi seems to be saying this in the context of telling people that we need to be 100 %. Jews.

  21. Dear CB Frommer and Matzav,
    Please realize no matter what the honorable Rav said, be it accurate or not, there is no reason to delay the coming of Moshiach by causing sinas chinam with all of this loshon hora against a fellow Jew and publishing this article for who knows how many other Jews to harbor negative feelings in their hearts, disobeying the mitzvah to love a fellow Jew as yourself.

  22. Everyone read #25 comment. He is 100% correct. I had a similar story and so have countless others. He’s a speaker, not a Gadol. Kiruv isn’t justification to twisting divrei chazal. Wake up all.


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