Rabbi Yitzy Bald Saves Two Lives in Bayswater Blaze


yitzy-baldWalking down Bay Park Place in the Bayswater neighborhood of Far Rockaway to catch an early Shabbos Minchah, Rabbi Yitzy Bald – noted musician, composer and rebbi at Yeshiva of South Shore – observed smoke rising from a chimney on the corner. Using his Gemara-kup, he reasoned that the smoke was out of place, in the warm August weather. Walking around to the side of the house, Rabbi Bald found two African-American women screaming for help from a second story window. Acting with urgency, he began knocking on neighbors’ doors, screaming, “Fire!” He borrowed a ladder from a neighbor and the two victims were safely evacuated. Their parents, who also live in the house, were not home.

Someone called the fire department and, in short order, half a dozen fire trucks, a police car and an FDNY ambulance were stationed along Bay Park Place and Coldspring Road. Between 20 and 30 firemen battled the smoky blaze, smashing windows and opening fire hydrants around the block. The residents of the house sat across the street on lawn chairs, emotional, surrounded by neighbors.

“This is the second time that this has happened,” the older of the two women cried.

The fire is assumed to have started in the basement. There were thankfully no injuries.

After ascertaining that the authorities had everything under control, the victims had a place to go, and relatives were on the way, Rabbi Bald made a quick and unassuming exit.

 {Moshe Berman and Benji Lintz-Matzav.com Newscenter}



  2. This should be on the front page of every Jewish newspaper this week. But it probably won’t because only a true Torahdig news outlet like Matzav believes in being mefarsem a mitzvah.

    Way to go Rabbi Bald! We love you!! Keep it up!!!

  3. B”H with role models like Rabbi Bald it is no wonder that the talmidim of South Shore are well known for their midos tovos and caring

  4. I know Rabbi Yitzy Bald… he is one of the warmest and most kind men I’ve met… he’s a real example of an ohev es haberiyos!!!

  5. WOW WOW What a kiddush Hashem! We have the zchus to know Reb Yitzy VERY VERY well and are continuously impressed with his and his wifes maasim tovim. Continued hatzlacha in ALL you do. ps: I know that picture…

  6. i am thrilled that this hidden tzadik is finally getting a drop of the kavod he truely deserves yitzy may you always be famous for good things

  7. We are old neighbors of the Bald family and watched Yitzy Bald grow in Midos and Ahavas Ha Briut throuhout his life. We are proud that he continues in this noble derech.

  8. Rabbi Bald is one of the many warm & wonderful Rebbeim (and Secular teachers) at Yeshiva of South Shore. We are so proud!!!

  9. There is not much to add to the posts above. But from the outpouring of love, and support, and admiration, it is obvious that I join many, many people in paying tribute to Yitzy. Actually, it should be Reb Yitzchok, as he is a talmid chochom, a true ben Torah, a fabulous rebbi, and a true mentch, who happens to be as talented as they come, creative and fun.

  10. Wow!!! This is amazing. I’m NOT being sarcastic, but rather filled with admiration. This is one of the first posts I’ve read about praising a fellow Yid and there were no negative comments. That’s how it should be!!
    Kol hakovod to Reb Yitzy Bald. (I have 2 nephews who attended South Shore) and kol hakovod to the people posting who kept it very positive.
    In the zechus of seeing good in others, may we be zocheh to a good Din this coming year!

  11. That is trully the act of a tsadik and yesterdays article regarding black in the jewish community and the claim that orthodox jews dont treat them nicely, well New York times here’s an article that proves you wrong , we have admirable people amongst us orthodox jews we do heroic acts to total non jewish strangers and reb yitzi didnt even stick around for the thanks and heroic admiration he just left as soon as he wasnt needed anymore, that is amazing! But dont expect the farshtinkina New York Times to publish it because THEY HAVE AN AGENDA!

  12. #27 – He technically doesn’t qualify. He didn’t risk his life. Read the nominations page at your link. One of the authors of the article was probably there, but we still need info about Reb Yitz. If you cab pull it together, go for it.

    Matzav.com – Tizku L’mitzvot

  13. WOW! I am an old talmid from a bunch of years ago and this truely shows his real meidos. A tremendous rebbi who changed my life. He he is a living example of “derech eretz kadma latorah”,and I picked that up from him and it still is with me till this day.

  14. i happen to know for a fact that rabbi bald is a tzaddik. of course the new york slimes is going to put itself out of business before writing a story about “0RTHODOX JEWISH RABBI SAVES TWO BLACK WOMEN” uh uh. not gonna happen. but anyway, its a huge kiddush hashem!!!

    we love you reb yitzy!!

    (buy his cd coming out in January)


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