Rabbi Yitz Greenman Appointed Executive Director of Aish HaTorah Worldwide


yitz greenmanThe Director General of Aish HaTorah, Rabbi Steven Burg, has announced that he has appointed Rabbi Yitz Greenman as Executive Director of Aish HaTorah. In his new role, which begins immediately, Rabbi Greenman will join Rabbi Burg’s global management team as an integral member, with responsibilities for cultivating partnerships and stewarding growth for one of the Jewish world’s most recognizable organizations.

For the last 23 years, Rabbi Greenman has served as the Executive Director of Aish New York, a position that he will keep as he assumes his new leadership role within Aish HaTorah worldwide.

During his time at the helm of Aish New York, Rabbi Greenman has created and launched a host of impactful Jewish outreach and educational programs, including Discovery Seminars, Speed Dating, Honestreporting.com, Bring Israel Home, Aish on Campus, and many others. Currently, Aish New York is one the largest Jewish outreach organizations within the United States, maintaining active branches on college campuses throughout the northeastern United States in addition to a broad array of other programming.

Rabbi Burg told Matzav.com that “for well over 25 years, Rabbi Greenman has been one of the driving forces of success at Aish, both in New York and worldwide. I am pleased that Rabbi Greenman has accepted this new position, and I am confident that his efforts will help Aish deepen its global impact.”

Rabbi Greenman told Matzav.com, “From developing partners to creating and assessing new programs, my new role will, G-d willing, help bring a fresh synergy to the entire organization. I am looking forward to applying the full extent of my energies to help Aish HaTorah reach new heights in the years ahead.”

On a personal level, said Rabbi Greenman this is a “homecoming” of sorts: “I began my relationship with Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem in 1984. It is an honor to assume the mantle of responsibility for an organization that I love deeply and that has given me so much. Rabbi Weinberg zt”l believed that all of Aish is a ‘band of brothers’ working for a common cause. By strengthening the bonds between Aish New York and Aish Jerusalem, we are realizing his vision.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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