Rabbi Stav’s Feminine Costume Sets Off Firestorm


stavRav David Stav, chairman of the Tzohar rabbinical organization and chief rabbi of Shoham, angered many people last week by appearing in a humorous Purim video wearing a blonde wig.

The clip, which is more than four minutes long, also shows women without a head cover. In one of the segments, Rabbi Stav is seen standing inside a house of study with the blonde wig on his head and an open sefer.

“It’s unthinkable that the rabbi would dishonor the Holy Scriptures within a house of study,” said a source in the charedi sector.

The video, which was posted on YouTube, drew dozens of angry comments. “Rabbi Ovadia ruled that a man must not dress up as a woman, but Rabbi Stav doesn’t care about that,” one person wrote.

Stav’s associates said in response that the rabbi had tried to come up with a unique way to introduce his shul to the community members and the rest of Shoham’s residents, and maybe even get them to join it.

They explained that moderate high school yeshivos had a years-long tradition in which the yeshiva rabbis dress up during the month of Adar. The activities throughout the month include special lessons in which the students and educational reverse roles, and sports competitions between the teachers and students.

In the video, Rabbi Stav dresses up as other figures as well, including a charedi, a moderate religious Jew and a secular in the shul, in a bid to present his community to the viewers and imply that his religious way respects all parts of society.

Rabbi Stav ran in 2013 for the position of Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi.

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  1. Smile if you like the revolution. I guess we can all put our books away now. There is an exceptional article about some rabbi’s vivid misconduct necessary for all to consider.

    Shameless triumph right? Wow.

  2. Rav Stav is a tremendous Talmid Chacham. He is the rav of a diverse community and knows how to relate to people. The fact that he wore a woman’s wig should not lead people to judge him so briskly.

  3. I don’t understand the purpose of this article. Your firestorm consists of an anonymous source within the “chareidi sector” and a comment from YOUTUBE. I wonder what Rav Ovadia would think is worse, wearing a yellow wig or surfing Youtube. I don’t know Rabbi Stav or anything about him. Thank you for making the introduction in such a negative manner. based upon his credentials it appears that he is well qualified to paskin whether a wig is muttar for a man to wear or not.


  4. What an amazing idea to get more congregants to join the shul, learn Torah and be part of a Shomer Shabbos community.

    Purim costumes are customarily and accepted in many frum circles. Stop looking for ‘dumb’ posts to irritate.

  5. This wig is so obviously fake as to be silly. There are legitimate issues about who should chief rabbi (or whether we should even have one). This type of nitpicking distracts from those legimate issues.

  6. Im not fire storming but i cant figure out for the life of me how a chashuva serious person can act like a buffoon in public!? or private for that matter.

    most serious people that i know would be above such silliness and not just cause people are looking, but because this type of thing doesn’t interest a person who is busy with dvar hashem or even work or chessesd for that matter.

    cant understand it

  7. Firestorm?

    I doubt it. Probably just agog at who ridiculous this ma is behaving. I guess being the “Rabbi” of an acting school makes him think he has to act this way.

  8. “whether a wig is muttar for a man to wear or not”

    Of course it is mutar! Wigs became accepted as men s wear in early modern times; male judges in Britain still wear them. And both men and women who are getting chemotherapy for cancer sometimes wear wigs.

    Wearing a wig on Purim is a lot better than burning an Israeli flag, which unfortunately also appears to have taken place in Purim. The guys who did it were dressed like charedim but they might have been Arab rashaim or European anti-Semites, as the Israeli flag has been burned in both Egypt and Hungary in the past year and a half. 🙁

  9. Pretty wiggy deal.

    Some might view it as satire against the practice of the shaytal to broadcast one’s tziniyuss.

    Who wouldn’t be upset if a woman walked into a shtiebel or even within with precincts of the Truly & Most Pious, wearing it?

    .????? ????

  10. I just wish that all those who should be wareing wigs would only just do that at all required times,and those that shouldn’t,would just use their brains to think of something else to attract attention on Purim !

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