Rabbi Stav Backs Alternative Hechsherim


At a conference of Israel’s Hotel Association, Rabbi David Stav, head of the Tzohar organization, said that he and the Hotel Association were trying to fight the rabbinate’s monopoly over kashrus supervision. Rabbi Stav argued that hotels should be given the choice to use the rabbinate or alternative rabbinical groups, as this would encourage competition and force the rabbinate to improve its service.

Tzohar was thinking of founding its own alternative to the monopoly, he said.

“We will do for kashrus what we did for marriage,” he said. “We must break the monopoly. Our mashgichim will rely on the kashrus they provide and be able to eat from the kashrus they themselves provide, contrary to the present situation where [many rabbinate] mashgichim do not eat in the businesses they themselves supervise.”

Leading religious Zionist Rav Yaakov Ariel, the rov of Ramat Gan, warned that without the universal kashrus standard of the rabbinate, spurious hechsherim would proliferate and people would not know which kashrus organizations are reputable.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. “Rabbi” Stav backs the marriage of mamzeirim as well as interfaith study, among many other liberal anti Torah ideas. H eshould be treated with the same disgust as the OO crowd.


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