Rabbi Simcha Kaufman to Join Camp Govoah




  1. Rabbi Kaufman is one of the most special humans I have ever met. Kind, gentle, a true mechanech. May he be matzliach. The campers of this camp have just been given a treasure.

  2. Wow this is big news! Rabbi Kaufman is a tremendous Adam gadol and a true mechanech. Hatzlacha to him and to camp govoah!

  3. Camp Agudahs loss is Camp Gavohas gain! I wish my 7th grade rebbi much hatzlacha in his new position. He is the ideal role model for todays youth, and from the most prominent mechanchim that klak yisroel has. Boruch Hashem, and the campers in gavoha are gonna love him, just as we did in his classroom.

  4. I just walked in from shachris and my wife showed me this on the intetnet! Cant imagine what it must be for him not to be in Agudah, but I wish him much hatzlacha. Living in Eretz Yisroel now, my love for this makom kadosh began in the machaneh kadosh as it was constantly something Rabbi Kaufman stressed. I met Rabbi K in Eretz Yisroel on Succos 5772, and it was clear that he still has the koach to Motivate and inspire!!

  5. This is lehavdil like seeing derek jeter play in another uniform 🙂 Nevertheless, he molded thousands with his trademarked skills, and no one can imitate him. My last few years in camp was amazing, as the guidance i received from him in dealing with children has helped me with my own children. Just such a great talented open minded and real person.

  6. I cant believe this!! Its hard to imagine him anywhere other than camp agudah. His blood bled camp agudah, and its unfortunate that he isnt there anymore. I have really fond memories of my time as a camper in Agudah 5 years ago! Down to earth individual with such toichein. Ah, good times!

  7. my last summer in Camp AGudah was 21 years ago, but I remember Rav Kaufman well. He infused the she shabbasos there with such ruach, such kedusha, that it was immeasurable!
    Govoha is very lucky!

  8. I spent 6 summers in camp agudah in the late 90’s and Rabbi k really Made it the awesome experience it was. Just briefly, he showed us what shabbos should really be like. He led by example and motivated us to be the best we can be. Gavoha should be proud to have such an adam gadol as menahel ruchni. And lastly, it is worth it to send your son to the camp that rabbi kaufman attends. He will leave a lasting imprint on your child.

  9. Good for him. I have been a camper for a few years and was very upset that he wasnt there this past summer when I was in 9th grade. His did everything with such passion and so much devotion. This past summer wasnt the same without him. Shabbos lost its flavor, and although camp was fun, the ruach wasnt the same. Rabbi Kaufman is a walking mussar sefer.

  10. I havent been in Agudah for many years, but Rabbi Kaufman prepared me for life. The lessons that we all learned from him are life lessons. His speeches were intricately weaved with humor and down to earth lessons. Its many years later, but I still remember them. I can go on and on. It obviously penetrated my soul.

  11. I am so happy for the Rabbi to be able to go somewhere and inspire young and old. Some Agudah campers who daven together with me, told me that this past summer was not the same without him. So kudos to Gavoha for signing the biggest free agent on the market. Although he didnt get a multi-million dollar contract, he will produce multi-million dollar dividends.


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