Rabbi Shlomo Pearl zt”l


shlomo-pearl-5[Update and shivah info below.] It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rabbi Shlomo Chanan ben R’ Chaim Dovid Pearl zt”l. Rabbi Pearl served as rosh kollel at the Bostoner Bais Medrash of Flatbush, Brooklyn, and was a popular maggid shiur, delivering well over a thousand shiurim at the Bostoner Bais Medrash of Flatbush, as well as for Irgun Shiurai Torah and others. He was respected as an expert in hilchos Shabbos and was well-versed in many other areas of practical halachah.

Not having been blessed with a yeshiva education in his younger years, Rabbi Pearl overcame that and went on to gain wide renown as a talmid chochom of note.

Rabbi Pearl is survived by his devoted wife, Mrs. Faigy Pearl; his brother, R’ Tzvi Pearl; and his children, R’  Pearl R’ Avi Pearl, Mrs. Chani Katzman and Mrs. Brachi Toporowitz.

The levaya will take place today at 5 p.m. at Shomer Hachomos Chapels, located at 42nd Street and Fort Hamilton Avenue in Boro Park.

Kevurah will take place in Lakewood, NJ.

Yehi zichro boruch.

Update: The levayah began with three kapitlach Tehillim recited by R’ Chezky Toporovitz. Maspidim were Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff, rov of Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin of Flatbush; the Bostoner Rebbe of Flatbush; the niftar’s brother, R’ Tzvi Pearl; and his sons, R’ Yisroel Pearl and R’ Avi Pearl. The Keil Molei was recited by Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff.

Shivah info: The family will be sitting shivah until Friday afternoon at 952 East 9th Street, between Avenues I and J in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

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  1. I’m devastated and heartbroken. I used to love attending shiurim and I’d order lots of his shiur tapes from the Torah Tapes library. He has over 1000 shiurim recorded, and I can’t think of a better way for his neshmama to have an aliyah than for us to honor a great marbitz torah through harbotzas hatorah; we should get all his shiurim onto the internet, so that klal yisrael should be able to learn from a master.

  2. I learned in Rav Pearl’s night kollel for over seven years. His Varmkeit was only surpassed with his eidelkeit. The rov always had time to answer a sheala, always ending his conversation with with “Zai Gezunt & Zai Gebenshed. Even when things were deteriorating, He continued to start his shiur with “I LOVE YOU RIBBONO SHEL OLAM I LOVE YOU, AIN OD MILVADO, which was the title of his Irgun Shiur he was supposed to give, but was unfortunately not able to do so. He was an adam gadol ad miod. The rov should be a mailitz yosher for gons Klal yisrael.

  3. Baruch Dayan Emes, No doubt he was a Tzadik and a true Halachic Personality, but above all he was a mevakesh Haemes who pursued the truth of Torah with tremendous vigor. Number one (above) said that he is Mechayiv Baalei Batim (particularly retired ones) true, but more specifically he was a tangible example of the concept that “Ain davar omeid bfnei haratzon”-When one is completely focused on growth no excuses will stop him.
    Yehe Zichro Baruch

  4. I attended his hiurim for about 7 years. A terrible loss to Klal Yisroel. He was a tzaddik and posek who answered shailos from all over the world but always had time to speak pleasantly to indviduals.

    He left an amazing legacy of shuiurim on tape and he explained halcha more clearly than I ever heard and he imparted and lived the chashivus of talmud torah kneged kulom.

    May he be a meilitz yosher for his students and all of klal yisroel.

  5. This is a terrible loss for Klall Yisroel especially for the Flatbush community, Agudah of Ave L & the Boston night Killel. May he be a meilitz Yosher for Klall Yisroel.

  6. my rebbi muvhak heartbreaking yet we must continue his legacy bh we have made his shiurim availible to the public please contact 1848 240 7301 for the rabbi shlomo pearl shiurim

  7. The Rav was an amazing person.he would always have a smile on his face ,even the doctors told his he has 3/6months to live (he lived another 33 years )
    He was alwaying trying to get closer to hashem as he would say all the time ” I LOVE YOU HASHEM”


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