Rabbi Riskin’s Parsha Commentary Finds Unity In The Shema, The Trinity, And Buddhism


shlomo-riskinRabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat and Founder of Ohr Torah Stone, used Parshas Vaeschanon, which introduces Shema and warns against idolatry, as an opportunity to sanction gentile beliefs in the Trinity, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Rabbi Riskin chose this weekly parsha to promote Jewish acceptance of J- as “a true Jewish religious thinker and teacher.”

Jewish Israel wonders why. See here.

Click below for the video of Rabbi Riskin:

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  1. Why publicize this garbage? Let the fringe stay on the fringe.

    The trinity is based on the myth of Remus and Romelas and was not recognized until after the Dioletian persecution ended, which was way after that guy supposedly lived, so only someone who knows nothing about history can “sanction” it.

  2. Rabbi Riskin is a gaon talmid chochom with an aptitude unseen today. He speaks at a very high intellectual level, and uses nuance and all sorts of techniques to prove his points.

    The common man may find it difficult to keep up, and will therefore take him out of context.
    And certainly this applies to Matzav and its editors and most of its readers.

    So a little kavod is in order please

  3. So Matzav, will you soon start publicizing the writings of Mendelsohn and known kofrim? Whats wrong with you guys? Why give him a forum and why place doubts in peoples mind? This should be forbidden the same way inappropiate material is forbidden on your site. Take it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why are you allowed to post this on your website? I hope to see it has been removed from this site as soon as possible. If you think you are somehow justifying this by also posting Rav Schachter’s response- you are wrong. There is no reason you would be allowed to facilitate the dissemination of these false ideas.

  5. MATZAV, YOU ARE PROMOTING ????? and ?????!Who and what garbage made him chief galach of Efrat?
    Why publicize his garbage without even contradicting his diatribe?
    ??? ???? ?? ???????!

  6. I really do not see what the big deal is. He is right, judaism introduced monotheism to the world.

    Hence all modern day religions that share beleifs in One G-d are credited to Shema.

  7. Is he subordinate to the Chief Rabbi of Israel?
    Or is he an independent ???? and ????
    Do you have a comment by the Religious Zionist Rabbinate on this?

  8. The Heading of this article is misleading.
    What he said is correct. Shituf is mutar for a goy, (elokah delokayah) and ossur for a yid.
    He just gave a twist on why its mutar. because they are still recognizing Hashem, but for a yid we are metsuveh on achdus etc. etc.

  9. Did not listen to the talk but find it surprising that this is what you chose to highlight.
    You have never included any Of R. Riskin’s divrei chizuk, torah or hisorarus and this is the one to choose? He has to have meant something entirely different since this missionizing is not his motto.

  10. So he’s arguing with Chazal who said Yoshke was mechalel shabbos, said the shem hameforash, and ultimately blasphemed, and caused his disciples to do the same. How can he claim that J was “a true Jewish religious thinker and teacher.” Chazal said in Pirkei Avos “He who sins and causes others to sin, it’s not enough for him to do tshuva.” That’s why the gemara said in gittin that the “Jewish sinner” is boiling in a pot of excrement for eternity, for he caused billions of people to stumble into filth.

  11. I realize that we are supposed to be outraged, and this is the reason why the clip is posted, but I was wondering why R’ Riskin’s comments would not be consistent with the Meiri.

    Whether or not we pasken like the Meiri, why would it be outrageous to hold like him?

    Beis ha-Bechirah on Bava Kama 37b.
    Beis ha-Bechirah on Avodah Zarah 26a.
    Beis ha-Bechirah on Bava Kama 113a-b.
    Beis ha-Bechirah on Bava Metzia 59a.
    Beis ha-Bechirah on Horayos 11a.

  12. The meiri is only talking about if he keeps the 7 mitzvos bnei Noach. Just believig in one G-d in it of itself while leading an immoral lifestyle isn’t good enough although it isn’t avoda zarah.

  13. #6 IT IS IMPORTANT TO PUBLISIZE this video.
    MANY MANY years ago i had a big argument in my shul over him insulting RABBI KAHANE ZT’L 6 months before he was killed,,and Rabbi Kahane wasnt their to defend himself. Riskin has written quite a few articles such as this one and the world closes their eyes publically.

    WHEN DO YOU THINK ITS TIME TO REVEAL WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE? Isnt it enough Jews we lost to others from confusion brought on by the riskins around us.Is riskin also believing the the xtian replacement theology that they replace jews.Is riskin replacing Moshe Rabbeinu and Rambam and all our teachers?

    #6 if not NOW to expose him
    then please tell me WHEN?

  14. Please read ‘Jewish Israel.com’ to get the full scoop on what is happening in E.Y. today. Rabbi Riskin, has for the longest time, literally gone off the path of true Torah Judaism. To read what he is pursuing with the missionaries is unbelievable. Either he has completely turned away from yiddishkeit or something is so NOT right. Everyone should read this wonderful website, with choshuver Rabbis admonishing him. So much is not being exposed by the media because there are MK’s in the knesset and so-called rabbis joining the Evangelicals who missionize in Israel. It will shock you. They are trying to unite the theologies of Judaism with their ‘religion’, r.l. Believe it because that is what is happening. What is wrong with many of the commenters here? – you are supposed to be frum. By your laughing this off, you are commiting a chilul H’.

  15. Regarding Natzrut it’s a machloket between Rambam (Hilchot Avoda Zara 9:4) and Rabbenu Tam (Sanhedrin 63b Tosafot d”h asur)and the Meiri(Avodah Zarah 2a and 6b).

  16. to #5 if you say things that are4 “so deep” as to b so ” grossly misunderstood” thene you have a problem. anyone here of rav moshe reb yakov the steipler the vilna gaon being ” misubderstood and suspected of sayting something that sounds heretical. saying he is a gaon is like saying obama is a good president

  17. I believe there is a tshuvah from Reb Moishe z”l saying that it is assur even for a goy to create or follow a new religion, and so even though Islam is not avodah zarah it is still assur for a goy to be a muslim.

  18. Non of the commentators has yet explained what is wrong with his speech. Saying that he is a kofer with out explaining or not agreeing with his shita does not mean he is a kofer.

  19. 1) Goyim are NOT permitted shituf. As per the Noda B’Yehuda, this is a misunderstanding of a Rema to think so.

    2) Yoshke, to the goyim, is not a shituf anyway. They do not believe in him in ADDITION to G-d, they believe he IS (l’havdil) G-d. Frankly, anyone who could argue that he is a shituf simply has zero understanding of what xtians actually believe.

    3) Rav Yosef Shalom Eliyashiv zt”L ruled on at least two seperate occasions that xtians ARE ovdei avodah zarah. Case closed.

  20. Rav Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi, Efrat:

    “Uri L’Tzedek is a burgeoning Orthodox Social Action Group, paralleling B’Maagalei Zedek in Israel, which insist that Kashrut and Yashrut, ritual concern and ethical sensitivity, must go hand in hand. I am proud to say that one of the leaders of Uri L’Tzedek is a beloved student of mine Shmuly Yanklowitz, and in the classes that I give on Yoreh Deah to our Ohr Torah Stone semicha students, I constantly stress the biblical emphasis on compassion as a major source for the laws of kashrut (“Thou shalt not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk”, “For the soul is the blood of the animal”, etc.) as well as the teachings of Rav Kook in his Sefer Hazon regarding the moral ambiguity in eating meat.”

    That’s what he had to say about disgraceful uri Ltzedek garbage.

  21. Rabbi? Rev.? Mr.? or Whatever Number 32:
    Do you remember the mishna in ???? ?????
    ????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ??????

    All nincompoops commenting on ?????:
    You guys must be wacky commenting on ????? ????? with so little vague knowledge.
    Leave these ????? to ????? ?????!!!!!!!

  22. To: #5, Torahhis1time: Are you joking? Read up on rabbi riskin at JewishIsrael.Com and learn a thing or two. His behavior is blasphemous and a chilul H’. If you can’t see this, then you’ve got a problem. These are crazy times, with confusion all around us and by having ‘rabbis’ preaching apikoruskeit is beyond the pale. Shame on you!


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