Rabbi Races Into Temple To Rescue Torahs From Raging California Wildfire


Despite fires raging in the distance, a Southern California rabbi ran into his synagogue to rescue its Torahs.

Temple Adat Elohim, a Reform synagogue in Thousand Oaks, sits in the path of two fires, Hill and Woolsey. Rabbi Barry Diamond and President Sandy Greenstein made it to the synagogue before mandatory evacuations to save the four Torah scrolls, according to a Facebook post Friday.

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  1. “Rabbi Diamond joins TAE from Beth Haverim Shir Shalom in Mahwah, New Jersey, where he served as interim rabbi for the last two years. Rabbi Diamond was ordained at Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati. In 2016, he was awarded a doctor of divinity honoris causa from Hebrew Union College. He has a psychology degree from California State University in Fullerton.” This makes him a Rabb? He’s a Menuval, a false prophet, a spreader of a false religion called Reform which is not Judaism.

  2. The rest we need. Shabbas.

    A reform rabbi should put on a sack cloth for 40 days and forget he hss anything to do with israel.

    Future ever jewish. Its not.

    Maybe now they will have something to sell to build a mikveh. Do you think?

    I would not know if their scrolls were ever by dignified scribes. Its curious. Who would sell to them? I guess we do.

    Glad the Torahs were saved.

  3. Yesh Koneh Olamo Bshaah Achad. The Roman executioner who spent his life executing people
    jumped into the fire that he made for Rabbi Akivah- and that was considered as Teshuvah for his entire life Thank Heaven that HKBH” is the all knowing judge – not us

    • H knows, not us. Exactly, my dear Chelm dweller. Since we are not H, and don’t know if this menuval achieved some kind of tikun, we should continue referring to the menuval as his status quo of a menuval, not a rabbi.

  4. Lashon Hara about fellow Jews, no matter their level of observance, is contributing to the delay of our geula. Why not be thankful they realized the importance of saving the Sifrei Torah?

  5. Mamash reich Bogdav deep down thes people knew that the same Torah that they consider to be non binding was worth a risk to save
    Mitzva goreres mitzva

  6. Fello jew: thats not loshen hora. On the contrary you are supposed to speak against reform and anything connected with it! Reform is a great chilul Hashem. It bears no resemblance to Judaism whatsoever!

  7. 4 Torah’s saved.

    10 million Jewish neshamas void of Torah study to intermarriage even over half.

    Thanks reform. Your hero story is every day.

    10 million and counting. There are so many jews in their auspices told full lies and heading to powerless hate in their own soul and life.

    Where is the kosher? A total mess.


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