Rabbi Of Murdered Soldiers Unit Remembers The Two Victims


On Thursday, Sergeant Yovel Mor-Yosef, 20 from Ashkelon, and Corporal Yosef Cohen, 19 from Beit Shemesh, were killed during a terror attack at Givat Assaf.

Rav David Fuchs, a rabbi responsible for teaching Torah to soldiers in the Netzach Yehuda battalion which both soldiers were a part of, said that he had seen the two soldiers shortly before the attack and was shocked to hear they were killed half an hour later.

“They were such sweet boys, always wore smiles on their faces. Their friends loved and admired them; they were friends with everyone. I saw them today, just a half-hour before the attack. They were in the midst of guarding the station as I passed by them in my car on my way to deliver shiur, but I didn’t want to stop to avoid disturbing them,” said Rabbi Fuchs.

“To hear that guys like that, boys who were so full of energy, happy, upbeat, have fallen is indescribably painful. I met now with their friends; everyone is in terrible shock. The anguish causes them to focus now even more intensely on their duties. The residents of the settlement where they fell loved them and shared a close relationship with them,” the rabbi added.

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  1. קורא לב ממש!!! עצוב מאוד תנחמו מהשמים!
    לצערינו זה פעם השניה שהאם יושבת שבעה על הקדוש יוסי .
    *פעם ראשונה ישבה עליו שבעה כאשר התגייס לשמד וזימה רח”ל.
    *פעם שניה זה עכשיו כשנרצח בפיגוע ע”י רשעים ערורים.
    ובס”ד תהיה מיתתו כפרתו על זה שהתגייס לשמד וזימה.
    עצוב מאוד שנפטר בדמי ימיו: רק תנחומים משמים!!!
    ^^^המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים ולא תוסיפו לדאבה עוד^^^

  2. Anonymous you are a moron.
    You know how Hashem works and you know why he was murdered?
    He gave his life saving lives of Am Yisrael; doesn’t get much holier than that.

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