(Rabbi) Morris Allen: Rubashkin Received Fair Federal Trial


morris-allenTalk about being lost.

Rabbi Morris Allen, a Conservative Jew whose efforts to create an “ethical” (sic)  kosher standard grew out of the Agriprocessors case, believes Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin has received fair – and perhaps even better – treatment compared to other white-collar crimes.

A report states: “The Rubashkin trial was moved from Iowa to South Dakota to address concerns about a fair jury pool; he was permitted to travel to New York for Jewish holidays; he was offered a plea deal; and has enjoyed steadfast financial and emotional support from his community throughout the trial, Allen said.”

Allen apparently didn’t follow the fraud trial when crucial evidence was prevented by Judge Linda Reade from being present. He hasn’t followed very much – except for his own misguided agenda.

Allen is lost – in more ways than one. May he find the right path, bekarov.

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  1. why you giving him the shem rabbi?
    just cause you call yourself a doctor, doesn’t mean your a doctor

  2. On such a person chazal use a loshon of “vesheim reshoim yirkoiv” and they probably would of said “yemach shemoi”

  3. Ashenaz were almost annihilated because of Reform and you still call these people Jews. It’s time the Rabbi cut complete ties with these people and let them redefine themselves until they dissapeaar as the numbers suggest just like the Kutim (Samaritans)

  4. this so called “rabbi” … I wonder if his temple pays fair wages to the janitor, oh is the janitor in is temple legal?

  5. All these type of “ethical” and “moral” Reshoim, are full of venom and hate. They shouldn’t even lecture to a cow!
    Rasha! Lama Sokeh Reiacha! Why do you take a swipe at your fello Jew, Morris Allen?

  6. He is nebach a misguided Jew. Why are you cursing him out? Not to say he is right in any way, but isn’t it sad that we are cutting our own hands by just spreading hatred and blasphemy among our own lost brothers? Kol yisroel areivim zeh lazeh, yes even him!

  7. He is wishing that after 129 he will also receice such a “fair” trial. Unfortuneately over there the dayan hu’emes will judge this conservative “RA”bi for what he is. There will not be any getting away of his yiddish views.

  8. Mr. Allen, you ferd.
    Do you really think Rubashkin got a fair trial. Do you think ransacking his home is fair? and that they did this when the parents were not present? Is that fair? Do you think not allowing him out on bail, after everyone put up so much collateral is fair? Do you think the raid was fair? And you still think the trial was fair? Huh? you need your head examined, Mr. Allen.
    How about putting yourself into his shoes.
    You ought be next. Then we will see how fair they are going to be to you!
    Shame on you, Mr. Allen. You are a disgrace to our heritage. If you can come out and say this after all that you have heard and seen, it is a real shaylah if YOU ARE a Yid!.
    Shame on you.

  9. This is what I call pure and unadulterated CHUSPAH from Morris Ayen! The so called “fair” plea was 25 years in prison. That means that Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin would not see the day of light until he would become 75. That is the same as a life sentence.

    Fair trial? How could there be a fair trial when the judge asked the jurors to leave the room to examine the lawyer’s witnesses? A life sentence is a fair trial? Chuspah!

  10. Mr. Allen, what you say about others should be said about you. You should get a fair trial in shamayim. It should be said about you that you did not care about a fellow Jew who was on trial and that you applauded trying to convict him. It should be said how you had illegal immigrants-all the people who you falsely say are Jewish because of conservative “conversions”. How you hired children of illegal immigrants by claiming that the children of these “conversions” are Jewish or that those adopted without a proper conversion are Jewish. How you falsely claim you are a rabbi.


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