‘Rabbi’ Michelle Obama Officiates At A Wedding


Former first lady Michelle Obama played the part of “rabbi” at a wedding ceremony between two Jews in the Chicago area over the weekend.

Obama’s involvement in the September 22 wedding of Stephanie Moelis Rivkin and Joel Sircus on the banks of Lake Michigan was first reported by TMZ on Sunday. Rivkin is the daughter of Chicago’s deputy mayor, Robert Rivkin, who serves under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s former chief of staff. Her mother, Cindy Moelis, was appointed by President Obama as Director of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Reports did not indicate whether the wedding was “Reform” or “Conservative.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. “Joel Sircus”
    The Bach?

    Seriously, though, would there be a problem with 2 yidden having a secular wedding for official purposes, followed by chupah vekiddushin? If for some reason they wanted to do it like that

    • “chupah vekiddushin”?! Read the article: Michelle Odumbo was “mesader kidushin”. Besides, who said these two are yiden – with 80% intermarriage rates, we should ask are their mothers Jewish?

  2. “………..wedding of Stephanie Moelis Rivkin and Joel Sircus………..” It certainly was a circus with all the zoo animals officiating. Reform is not Judaism. Neither is Conservative. (Which got its name from the more conservative members of the Reform shortly after they created this false religion)

  3. Take it from me a Christian: while it’s obviously utter garbage in terms of Jewish halakha also (where service to God cannot be “fudged” as someone pleases, much less by a non-Jew), such a “Jewish wedding” from a Christian faith is the lowest nadir of not schism, not again heresy, but the rankest and Great Apostasy. Mama Obama’s real title would “First Jezebel”. Real, orthodox Christianity does not allow prayer with heretics let alone this circus. Michelle Obama is a positive affirming NWO precursor to the end of the world, the world she imagines she is helping “progress.” I’m not surprised that liberals are liberals, but I’m actually a little shocked that it already stoops this bad. We are in trouble!!

  4. This is good. The world that Hitler ruined gives Obama a nobel peace prize. He has years in office. The world the same man Hitler destoryed Israel now has Mr. Obama selflessly letting his wife do all sorts of abominable things.

    I think the world traded a murderer for a toilet bowl. Someone just needed to flush what jews hold dear. Our sanctity.

    Toeivah rose with Obama. I guess Alfred Noble was not very to the bible. Abomination increases start blood hate terror.

    The world is mad. That is why Israel reads Tanakh. Hashem finishes the rest.

    Cute award.

  5. In order to save the planet, the guests arrived on bicycles… after they parked their limos a few blocks away; Bloomberg arrived on NYC subway car pulled by a team of illegal immigrant rickshaws. Al Gore, Obamas, and Clintons arrived on gigantic fuel-guzzling private jets, as the peasant rules don’t apply to royalty. Michelle Obama was chosen to be an officiating rabbi due to her jewish roots: her great grandfather ate a traveling jewish salesman. The guests were impressed by her chazonus performance of The Internationale. A fair trade certified vegan tofu was served on paper plates, soda bottles were limited to 3 ounces, plastic staws were verboten, but plastic heroin syringes were graciously provided. Instead of smoking politically incorrect tobacco, the guests lit up their cannabis and proceeded to sing kum baya. Mao Zedong’s little books were provided to say the after meal grace. At the conclusion of the wedding the happy newlyweds were snatched to a reeducation camp in order to be cleansed of toxic cisgenderism. The wedding presents included portraits of Joseph Stalin, sculls signed by Pol Pot, Mussolini’s socialist party membership card, and a chasan set of Das Kapital.

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