Rabbi Lookstein: Ramaz Would Permit Girls To Wear Tefillin


haskel-looksteinOpen Orthodoxy is spreading.

Following news that the Modern Orthodox SAR High School is now allowing girls to wear tefillin during Shacharis, the principal of Ramaz, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, a similar institution, said he’d be happy to do the same – should anyone ask.

This is the first time that the Upper East Side Modern Orthodox school has given the OK for girls to wear tefillin during the school’s co-ed morning prayers, but it’s not the first time that girls have been allowed to wear tefillin at the school. Read more.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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  2. We went thru similar stages in the past. Judaism suffers greatly from people that feel the pressure of the times and want Judaism to adapt the the pressure. As usual after the rebellious experiment these people will realize the Judaism and its natural historic and traditional way of living had reasons for doing what was established thousands of years ago. This is not about women wearing Tefillin…..it is about taking a role that leaves a void in an important part of the balance in a family. wait and see how this new meshigas will destroy its self by logic and a false taste of Judaism……

  3. If these are religious girls in general and wearing tefillin would make them pray with more kavanah, why not? However, if these are as religious as WoW, it’s shameful and the school should work on the girls’ religious aspect.

  4. when will they allow girls to get aliyas too?
    mixed seating?
    then the guys will remove the tefillin and talis and yarmulkas..

    oh, that is reform -where the men want to act like ladies and the ladies want to act like men.

    remember in navi the lesson taught – Hashem said no bamahs, I do not want it, yet people had a COMPULSION to bring korbonos on the bama,

    the yetzer hara causes compulsions to do the wrong thing

    Daven for clarity

  5. Can they also wear suits and black hats? How bout beards? Oh that they’d never do! But do they make havdalla??
    Sick, Sick, Sick!
    As Bob Grant would have said, “They’re sick out there and getting sicker!”

  6. So beautiful! Now we are truly an “ohor lagoyim”, are full of “Ahavat eretz yisrael” and “ahavat am yisrael”!

    The non Jews are finally going to respect the “orthodox”, if we adjust our customs a little more if we allow our children to watch a little more TV we will be so enlightened that the non Jews will actually like us. We will be just like them.
    Finally we will earn the respect of the nations.
    I wonder what took the orthodox so long to realize that we must absorb the popular culture in order to fit in, we must dress like the nations, we must be educated like them, we must not use embarrassing Jewish names. If only we would have done this in the 1920’s…

  7. Leave all that aside. I’m concerned for girls who will opt out, whether their own decision, or their parents. Will they be made to feel lesser, not as spiritual, for not wanting to accept this serious responsibility?

  8. What I don’t understand is that OO always look all the way back to the Rishonim that woman can wear tefillin, citing the RAMBAM and the Chinuch. However, halochoh does not work that way. Major achronim, like the Magen Avrohom, Rema, etc. cannot just be shunted to the side. We can’t ignore what the Achronim say on a matter. This is a major issue with OO and how it determines its “halachich” positions that illustrates how problematic OO really is.

  9. Sleep well tonight. The ladies and their tefillin are not going to be the community of Torah in the future, but they may be a small opening for the desire of a punched limit on change. A fractured mind but still their hearts might be nice to know. Sorry. Don’t put on the Tzitzis though. I would be very unhappy. Never Again.

  10. #19: A woman’s spirituality does not lie in external behavior, like putting on tefillin. Kol kevudah bas melech penima: a woman’s spirituality derives from her internal being. Women are inherently more spiritual than men and so are not required to do many mitzvos involving physical items (tefillin, lulav, shofar, etc.).

    In fact, a woman putting on tefillin subdues and perverts her spirituality.

  11. maybe these schools should look into why many of their male students don’t regularly put on Tefillin or wear tzitzis before allowing their girls to wear Tefillin.

  12. 27: I’m sure they do. This place is one of the bastions of political correctness and imitating the goyim, so this latest development comes as no surprise.


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