Rabbi Kestenbaum: Jews Died During Holocaust Because of Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise


rabbi-ephraim-kestenbaumThe elderly Rabbi Ephraim Kestenbaum, son of Rabbi David Kestenbaum who was active in saving European Jews during the Holocaust, recently spoke publicly for the first time regarding the American Jewish leadership’s outrageous actions during that period.

Rabbi Kestenbaum spoke at Mosdot HaRav Aharon Soloveichik in front of a large crowd in Ramat Beit Shemesh at a Yom HaShoah commemoration. He spoke of his knowlege and experiences regarding the action and inaction of the American Jewish leadership during the Holocaust.

Rabbi Kestenbaum corroborated past accounts of the misdeeds of Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was the most powerful Jewish leader in America during the Holocaust years.

Rabbi Kestenbaum provided what may be the most damning evidence yet of Stephen Wise’s treacherous actions. Rabbi Kestenbaum stated that Wise phoned his father, Rabbi David Kestenbaum, on several occasions, telling him that he should stop putting so much pressure on the U.S. government to save European Jews.

Rabbi Kestenbaum told of how, on one occasion, he took a message for his father from Wise who told him, “Tell your father that he has to be an American and not to to fight hard for Jews in Europe. You have to be an American first.”

Rabbi Kestenbeaum spoke of how Wise would commonly proclaim, “I am the leader of the Jews in America.”

Reb Ephraim accompanied his father to the White House on one occasion begging President Roosevelt to stop the Hungarian leader Horthy’s plans to deport Hungarian Jews into the Nazi’s hands. In their presence, Roosevelt immediately told his assistant Kelly that a message be sent to Horthy that “if he deports a single Hungarian Jew to Auschwitz, I will send my bombers over Budapest and other Hungarian cities and wipe them off the face of the Earth…I hope that Horthy will get killed in the process.”

Within a few days, Rabbi Kestenbaum received word that Horthy had cancelled the evil decree. As is known, about 600,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered at a later stage of the war.

Rabbi Kestenbaum stated that he feels that were it not for Wise’s actions against saving European Jews, Roosevelt would have done more to save Jews from the gas chambers.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. True! this reform rabbi was chewing off President Roosvelts off ear how he was the leader of the Jewish poeple. and when 400 rabinim came to the White house before Yom Kiper Stephen Wise told Roosvelt their from Eastern Europe and an old dieing out sect, not to meet with them, so he sent out his sectery. it was a slap in theif face. so Stephen weis realy killed jews!!

  2. “Tell your father that he has to be an American and not to to fight hard for Jews in Europe. You have to be an American first.”

    This is the hashkafa of the reform and it follows the teachings of the hashkalah movement started by MM who famously stated ” Lets be German Jews NOT Jewish Germans” What has changed since then? Much of American Jewry believes assimilating is a good thing. cultural diversity and pluralism etc… The sick irony is that it is in large part due to these actions that HKBH punishes Klal Yisroel.

    Concerning the fate of Hungarian Jewry that was in the hands of the zionists who deliberately for selfish gain turned their back on the Jews of Hungry because they were mainly frum yidden. Yes its true zionists indirectly killed hundreds of thousands of yidden for the gain of establishing a treife medinah! Anyone interested on the subject should read ” The Unheard Cry” by the angel Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl.

  3. He is rehashing old stories which no longer pertain to us.

    We are very worried for our future and the dark clouds on the horizon.

    The only thing we can do, is, to do Teshuvah, and start loving and caring every single Human Being, whether they’re Yidden or not Yidden.

    We should not only ACT nice, but really BE nice, because we are not trying to impress anybody, we’re impressing only the Reboinu Shel Olom. Only HKB”H controls our future.

  4. his word against no one who is able to testify otherwise cuz they are all dead. why does he first decide to say this now?

  5. And today, most Jews vote for the liberal Democrats and Obama, which today are doing all they can to erase the historic moral greatness of the American Government and its assistance to Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael.

  6. You can say yemach shmo on this (rabbi) wise. Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZATZAL has been saying this for years about this rabbi. Its no secret at all. Very good that hes even coming out now about it.

  7. Rav Avigdor Miller, in his Seforim, discusses the murderous activities of Stephen Wise and the Reform movement to undermine the rescue of European Jewry during the holocaust.

  8. to #7, he is not “coming out with it”, he was merely reiterating facts at a meeting, the tone you take is quite repulsive!

  9. My great-grandfather was very involved in the rescue of Jews during the war. But the name of Stephen Wise was unmentionable in his house!

  10. These revelations are very significant at this moment because history is repeating itself at this very moment. The American Jewish Establishment does nothing to condemn President Obama whose hostility to Israel is unprecedented and dangerous at this time when Iran threatens to destroy Israel. Even worse, some of the Jewish Establishment seems to be encouraging Obama to attack Israel. We must scream out that Stephen Wise may no longer alive, but his spiritual heirs are alive and well.We must not allow them to damage klal yisrael.

  11. to#5 the book from Harav Wiessmandl is the unheeded cry [korosee vayn oyneh]translated by artscroll [not Min Hamaytzer]

  12. This continues today Look at J Street and George Soros. Look at the Jewish Senators and Congressmen who should be withholding their votes from Obama’s agenda due to his Islamic desire to destroy Israel.

  13. Kol HaKavod to Rav Ephraim Kestenbaum! May he take this message of truth regarding the treachery of the Jewish Establishment and use it to wake Jews up regarding the current Jewish Establishment’s betray of the Jewish people with regards to the Jew-hater Obama.

  14. Rabbi Stephen Wise was a great man who did all he could to save Jewish lives during the Shoah. He has been dead since 1949. I don’t know why it is so fashionable to besmirch his memory.

  15. Don’t talk against Zionists! They gave us a medina! So who cares on whose blood it was built? Rabbi Kestenbaum, you’re confusing us with the facts!

  16. #19, Stephen Wise was a Rasha-Rav Aharon Soloveichik who was not anti-Zionist nor an extremist called him a Rasha for his crimes during the Holocaust. Let’s call a spade a spade.

    Rabbi Kestenbaum deserves our strong praise for telling us the truth.

  17. Rabbi Ephraim Kestenbaum made aliya to Israel 8 months ago and lives in Ramat Beth Shemesh. His son-inlaw runs a fine organization which engages in chessed called L’Maan Achai.

    Rabbi Kestenbaum should be thanked for coming out with this important corroboration of those who misled Jews and committed crimes during the period of the Holocaust.

  18. We need to learn from Stephen Wise’s treason and compare it ot the current treason of the American Jewish Establishment organizations who kowtow to the anti-Israel Hussein Obama.

  19. Reform American Jews with their ultra-liberal suicidal embrace of all things, perverse, anti-family and especially Islamic make ‘Rabbi’ Wise look almost innocent by comparison.


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