Rabbi Kalman Winter zt”l


kalman-winter[Video of the levaya below.] It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rabbi Kalman Winter zt”l, rov in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Rav Winter was the rov of Southeast Hebrew Congregation-Knesset Yehoshua in White Oak and also founded the Greater Washington Community Kollel, whose rosh kollel is his son, Rabbi Menachem Winter.

Rabbi Winter also served as director of the Vaad Harabonim of Greater Washington.

Rabbi Winter was a son of Mr. Sidney Winter and a son-in-law of the noted askan, Rabbi Amos Bunim zt”l.

Rabbi Winter was a devoted and compassionate rov and leader who had a personal relationship with all his mispallelim, working continuously for the community, with great selflessness. Rabbi Winter was a talmid of  Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and received semichah from Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l.

Rabbi Winter energized countless families and individuals, helping them to come closer to and strengthen their bonds with the Ribbono Shel Olam through Torah and mitzvos. Having been in rabbonus for over 35 years, first at the Young Israel of Buffalo, the White Oak area of Silver Spring was a beneficiary of his rich wisdom, inspiration and kindness.

Rabbi Winter offered direction and counsel to many important community-wide educational institutions and religious service organizations in and beyond the Greater Washington Jewish Community. He worked in kiruv in the business community, on university campuses, and in many other venues, striving to bring Yidden back to Torah observance and understanding.

As director of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington, Rabbi Winter helped bring to fruition the kosher meal plans now available at Suburban Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital and NIH. Rabbi Winter also oversaw the activities of the Greater Washington’s Chevra Kadisha and was instrumental in establishing a Jewish-owned and managed Funeral Home in Greater Washington.

Closer to home, Rabbi Winter conceived of an idea to build a mikvah inside his shul and then implemented it with the help of the community. Rabbi Winter also worked very closely with those in the community who did not have sufficient resources to meet their expenses through various chessed funds, such as the Annette Linzer Memorial Gemach Fund.

Rabbi and Mrs. Winter transformed their house to a home for all to come to at any time to share an experience, ask questions, share a meal, discuss a topic in more depth, seek advice in raising children, or gain new perspectives on vexing issues. When one heard Rabbi Winter refer to his mispallelim as very dear and close friends, the sincerity was immediately recognized and reciprocated.

Whether it was a blatt Gemara, mussar, Tanach, Yom Tov review, a Shabbos shiur or the like, Rabbi Winter always came with the greatest of preparedness, enthusiasm and zeal – to say nothing of his engaging sense of humor – no matter the time of day or night, no matter the number of people in attendance, no matter how complex or basic the subject matter at hand. One never departed from a Rabbi Winter event without having gained a newer or deeper insight into Torah, without feeling a greater desire and enthusiasm for Yiddishkeit, and without a clearer recognition and appreciation of one’s own spiritual potential.

The rov’s love for disseminating mesorah was matched only by his love for his extended family, his kehillah.

His passing leaves a gaping void in the community he lovingly served.

The levaya was held this morning at Southeast Hebrew Congregation in Silver Spring. The kevurah is scheduled to take place at 3:30 p.m. at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Iselin, NJ.

The family will be sitting shivah at Rav Winter’s home at 301 Burnt Mills Avenue in Silver Spring.

Yehi zichro boruch.

See below for a video of the levaya:

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  2. The Tzibbur is asked to Daven for Rav Shlomo Brevda, Shlita, who is suffering from a serious illness and needs our Tefillos. Saying Tehillim daily in his Zechus for the Refuah Shelaima of “Rav Shlomo Leib Ben Miriam” would be greatly appreciated.

    Rav Brevda requested that we please increase the intensity of our Tefillos during Dovening and say Tehillim (day and/or night) whenever the opportunity arises. He feels in very dire straights. Please request that a Misheberech to be said for the Rav during Shabbos Kryias HaTorah. Thank you.

  3. Rav Kalman & Rivka were unusual in their ahavas yisroel, chesed and yiddishkeit. Friends to all and dear dear individuals.

  4. He was truly a wonderful Rav and teacher, an incredibly eloquent speaker, a deeply compassionate man. We in the Silver Spring community are bereft.

  5. to #13, Mrs. Rivka Winter is still alive so the past tense does not apply. I’m sure that she and her wonderful and distinguished children will continue his legacy and pass along the mesora.

  6. We were so sorry to hear of his passing. baruch Dayan Emes. May his family find comfort. He was a special Rav and will be sorely missed by his klal.

  7. The article did not mention the sterling qualities of both of Rabbi Winter’s parents. The people in the shul were especially fond of Mr Sydney Winter.
    Also, it was through the efforts of Rabbi Winter ZTL that the people of White Oak were privileged to meet our Rav’s Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Lebowitz ZTL, of Chofetz Chaim.
    Our Rav should be a “better” for us.

  8. Boruch Dayan Emes. An exceptionally warm, caring and sensitive individual, extremely dedicated to providing chizuk, kiruv and Torah to his kehillah. A great an untimely loss for Silver Spring and the Wash. metropolitan community and to all of klal Yisroel.

  9. May his family be comforted by the mourners of Zion. I knew his brother Aaron from Kol Emes in Richmond, Va. and my husband learned with him
    for awhile there.This came as a tragic surprise to my husband and I.Let us daven that his soul makes an aliyah and that we see him soon again with Moshiach !

  10. Rabbi Kalman Winter was one of the greatest spiritual influences on my life. I will always remember fondly his weekly Pirke Avot classes
    and his morning Mishna Berurah
    He was always my teacher, and he gave me the gift of always being my friend.
    The learning and the love,as always, I will try to pay forward.


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