Rabbi Genack: VOTE FOR HILLARY – “She Understands Our Values”


By Rabbi Menachem Genack

When my daughter Ora and son-in-law Avi recently gave birth to a son, they were contacted by Hillary Clinton’s staff to find out the baby’s name. As the bris was delayed for some time, Ora and Avi could not supply a name when the request arrived. But I did not understand why anyone needed a name—wouldn’t it be sufficient to congratulate the baby’s parents?

Once the baby was named, the parents received two letters from Hillary: one wishing Mazel Tov to the parents, and a second one addressed directly to the baby. Hillary wrote to my grandson Nachum, wishing him “a lifetime of amazing adventures and accomplishments, with those who love you cheering you along the way.”

I have known Hillary Clinton for almost twenty-five years, and this is the Hillary I know: gracious, kind, and focused on building a better future for our children and grandchildren. While to some, these qualities are not evident in her public persona, they are in fact ever present. And they underlie her engagement with the Jewish community – both in America, and in Israel.

Here at home, Hillary knows the Jewish community — including the Orthodox community — and she has been there for us as a U.S. senator from New York. The spokesman for Kiryas Joel told me that endorsing Hillary in the 2016 primary was easy, because as Senator she was always there for his community’s needs. When I informed Hillary during the primary that she had been endorsed by both Kiryas Joel and Williamsburg community leaders, her response was, “What about Boro Park?” Clearly, Hillary knows the Orthodox world well; she understands the values and concerns of the community, and she has worked hard over many years to ensure those concerns are taken seriously.

I can also attest to the strong relationship Hillary has with the Jewish state. Hillary has visited Israel many times. Having accompanied her on two of those visits, I have witnessed the reciprocal positive emotional bond between Hillary and the people of Israel.

That bond spans decades. For example, as First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary brought an idea from Israel to Arkansas, introducing the HIPPY plan—Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters. Modeled after an Israeli program, HIPPY trains parents from low-income households on how to prepare their children for school, and has been adopted in twenty-three states.

More recently, I have watched Hillary interact with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and, unlike President Obama, Hillary has a strong working relationship with the Prime Minister. That relationship has already borne results. To take just a few of the many examples: Hillary worked closely with Prime Minister Netanyahu to negotiate a ceasefire that stopped the barrage of Hamas rockets raining down from Gaza, to preserve Israel’s qualitative military edge through the funding of Iron Dome, and to fight BDS and prevent unilateral Palestinian statehood at the UN.

With regard to Iran, it is important to recognize that while Hillary did support the Iran deal (wrongly, in my opinion), her position is not the same as that of President Obama. According to recent interviews conducted by the Jerusalem Post with Hillary’s inner circle, she “was uncomfortable with Obama’s approach from the start.” Hillary is an advocate for a muscular foreign policy, and she recognizes that Iran is a profound danger not only to Israel but also to the United States. And her support for the Iran deal comes with strict conditions, as she made clear in remarks at the Brookings Institution: that we seriously penalize any Iranian cheating, that we sanction Iran for its terrorist activities, and that we do not hesitate to use military force if Iran ever attempts to acquire a nuclear weapon.

Ultimately, what Israel needs more than anything else is a steady America, which is both respected and engaged around the world, working as Israel’s key ally and advocate. That is what Hillary represents.

Contrast all this with Donald Trump. The differences are stark.

He shows a total lack of education and preparation on foreign policy. He represents an isolationist and unpredictable America – one that cozies up to our enemies, and claims to put “America First.” His embrace of that isolationist slogan, which first came into vogue in the 1930s, appeals to failed ideas of the past. And his unpredictability on Israel — first pledging to be “neutral,” before flip-flopping – is highly dangerous.

Domestically, Trump has no real record of engagement with the Jewish community – with our concerns, or our values. In fact, with each passing day – with each new video, recording, or tweet – it becomes clearer and clearer that Donald Trump models the worst type of behavior to our children. Trump has proven to lack any sense of morality, both in public and in private. This man does not deserve the support of our community.

When I go to the polls on election day, I will be thinking about Hillary’s intelligence, and decency, and respect for the values that Judaism has taught me to cherish. And I will think about her focus on building a better future for our community, as Mr. Trump campaigns on some imagined better past.

I will also think about my grandson Nachum, and all of our grandchildren, and the kind of society we will leave to them. And I will know that they will be fortunate to grow up in a world where Hillary Clinton is President of the United States.

This article was submitted by the author to be published on Matzav.com.



  1. I greatly respect the author, who is a true talmid chochom, and a genuinely kind and gentle man who does great things. But, in this case, he is sadly mistaken and misguided.
    But I still respect him, and I respect his right to his opinion, but I humbly disagree.
    Much hatzlacha to Rabbi G.

  2. I am assuming that this is a parody, because who can possibly claim this with a serious face? Hillary is a phony through and through, a liar and a cheat. Enough with the sheker.

  3. I can’t believe what i am reading….This article seems more like it was written by Ezra Friedlander on behalf of Hillary (for pay ofcourse). How outlandish !!! It does not warrant a response and quite frankly i cannot believe how naive it is.

  4. The beginning of this guys story sets the tone for the whole story. you got some kavod by the Clinton campaign and now have a very strong negiyus towards them. Go vote for Hillary

  5. Yasher koach for being out of touch and thanks to matzav for being mefarsem this choshuv article. It makes a lot of sense !!!!!

  6. Its very sad, when a choshiveh person makes a wrong choice. I guess it happens. To start off with the shoichad and to be so blinded, is another proof to what the torah tells us.

  7. “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

    `“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

  8. I’m sorry rabbi genack pls get your facts straight on donald trumps policies… all u say is word for word from cnn not real facts! Hillary Clinton in her leaked emails called Israeli elections pathetic! Go and find out some real facts before u advise people thank you!

  9. You fell for it – we won’t. Just think about what would happen to the o-u had you ran it like any of Hillary’s endeavors – which of course you don’t, but just think about that dear Rabbi…

  10. Nice arguments BUT, the fact does remain, Hillary is Mrs. Clinton and as such we cannot afford, in my opinion, another gour years of the chicanery, blatant lies, misuse of powers and the ever clear we’re-above-the-law attitude. THe Clintons, bith Bill and Hill have brought such disrespect onto values that we hold dear! Rabbi Genack, you have not addressed those items! I wonder why!
    In a nutshell this election is about two creeps!
    I will pinch my nose and vote for the other creep!

  11. It’s very telling that the one story you wrote to show how she understands the NY Jewish community was when she asked for support, not looking to give it… Above all: Israel needs a strong and respected America, not a weak and corrupt one.

  12. “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

    “War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.”

  13. I think he is 100 percent correct. Or maybe I don’t that at atll but at least I am willing to give it some thought. Everyone should try being a little open minded, recognize that both candidates are so very very awful and pick the lesser mushcis and not be blinded with emotion and hype and sound bites and propaganda.

    • Keep in mind that R’ Genack shlit”a is saying that Hillary is no mushchus, does not address her various scandals at all, and has had a relationship with the Clintons for decades, as he writes. He even went so far as to publish his missives with President Bill. And the tayna that she is interested in a more muscular foreign policy falls into R’ Yonason Rosenblum’s excellent article on Shimon Peres’ dealing with the pals, and his assessment that such foreign policy, i.e. one carefully formulated but without bottom line reality, is silly at best. And Peres was a lot more careful than good ol’ confidential e-mail, Clinton foundation Hillary.
      In short, there is a lot I respect about the author, but leaving out the aforementioned issues leaves me with a tzoruch iyun, even if Hillary likes to talk frum. Keep in mind that advocating for Kiryas Yoel, Boro Park and the like gives her pretense for her anti- Israel Iran deal. Those areas are not at the forefront for Israel’s protection.

  14. “what Israel needs more than anything else is a steady America”
    The US will not be steady under the scandal ridden couple. H. is pro-choice, an immoral position and an anathema to Judaism. The corrupt environment will worsen and America will go down even further. I am surprise Rabbi Genack would wrap an emotional story around a flawed candidate to support his known friendship will Bill. Trump is strong on Israel and Jerusalem and has much respect for the Jewish community. Rabbi Genack is wrong on Trump. As CEO of the Orthodox Union Kosher Division he should not inject himself into controversial politics when our community needs confidence in his judgement in areas of kashruth.
    And . . . mazel tov on your grandson.

    • Which “daas torah”? Not Rav Shmuel Aurbach or Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Neither did Rav Dovid Feinstein or Rav Moshe Shternbauch etc. They all did not endorse anyone!!!

      Daas Torah does not engage in politics or shoot from the hip!

  15. As one of the commentators wrote above its revealing how kovod makes even one who is considered a talmid chachom think krum.
    BTW when my einiklach were born my children also received letters and gifts……. just not from the Clinton’s but rather from chosheve bnei mishpacha and talmidei chachamim. When the einiklach grow up we all will be able to proudly show them those that gave gifts and brachas!
    Rabbi Genack I hope you read the comments and respond but do you really believe she cares and loves yiden??????
    Did you forget her “love” for Arafat’s wife? The hug and kiss?

    I hope you have the decency to respond.

    • Excellent comment; I would be more impressed to get a Mazel Tov from Rav Chaim Kanievsky & all other Gedolei Hador, than from these people who could care less about the Yidden; a woman whose husband was almost impeached…. in addition a Rabbi is not allowed to endorse anyone. Although I disagree with Rabbi Genack, I respect him as a Talmid Chochom.

  16. I understand that you may know her and think that she has all of those amazing qualities, and I have incredible respect for you as a person. But it could very well be that those qualities that you and other people perceive are ulterior, and in most cases really are not true at all.

    If we look closer into her actions and motivations, it is clear that she lusts after power and money, and will do whatever it takes to achieve those things. To bring some examples: Whitewater, The Clinton Foundation (of which a memo recently came out written by Doug Bond described the foundation as “Clinton, Inc.” A registered CPA I know looked into the Foundation’s tax returns and found that most money went to payroll, only about 16% went into charity, and most of that money went to other Clinton charities. In short, it appears to be a Super-PAC masquerading as a charity), and accepting money from foreign countries (Saudi Arabia, Morocco, etc.) presenting conflicts of interest. The letter she wrote you was undoubtedly to build her relationship with you for donations, and she takes such an interest in the community because it is a giant bloc vote that is easy to appease and provides major help in her future elections.

    It does seem apparent that she recognizes the fact that the USA and Israel need each other and Israel is our most valuable ally, but this comes with severe questions and limitations. Let us not forget how cozy she was with Arafat and his wife, and she is in favor of a two-state solution, which is obviously the wrong approach. Has anyone realized that this is the first year that a two-state solution is off the official GOP platform? In terms of the Iran Deal, it is incredibly difficult to claim that it wasn’t her fault and she will do better, because she is the one who actually negotiated it, not Obama. And if we look at the secret deals made that came out months later (and were lied about, no less!!), and the fact that Iran can perform their own tests on nuclear materials, it is completely not understandable how such a terrible deal was negotiated when we had all the leverage in our hand. With a performance like that, how can we trust her to negotiate with foreign leaders–especially people like Vladimir Putin?

    If we take a step back and take a common sense look at her and the scandals that surround her, it is shocking. Here’s a moderate refresher: She was thrown off the Watergate investigative committee, she and her husband were implicated in the Whitewater Controversy in which many people were jailed, many alleged affairs that both her and her husband had, there are still many questions looming about the death of Vince Foster, she lied to the parents and us concerning our brave soldiers killed in Benghazi and knowingly blamed it on a non-factor, and by the strict letter of the law, she should be in jail for keeping classified information on a private server (and lied about it to the FBI, Congress, and the American people). And this is a very incomplete list. With all of these scandals, and the future threat of the current 650,000 emails recently found and the current investigation, how can we elect someone with such a level of corruption?

    In addition, let’s take a look at her character. A US soldier told the following story as a reason why he will not elect her: He was working in the K9 unit in Turkey, and was checking the room then-Secretary Clinton would be staying in on a diplomatic trip there. As the dog was checking the room, she walked in and the first thing that came out of her mouth was not a greeting or a thank you, but a, and I quote “get that (expletive) dog out of here!” She then proceeded to berate the head of her security detail for allowing the dog in the room. The most shocking part was the response the security head gave when the soldier apologized to him for the incident: “Don’t worry brother, it happens every day.” People close to the Clintons report many, many similar stories in terms of her character and her treatment of people. The Secret Service agent posted outside Bill’s Oval Office reported that she treated the Secret Service like animals. They should be seen but not heard, and she ranted at any agent that made the serious crime of giving her a good morning. As the Clintons left the Oval Office, it was widely reported that they left the White House a wreck, and stole many items, including cutlery of all things. It came out in Podesta’s emails that her aides wanted her to avoid certain social events because she was so unlikable. These incidents and the many others like them do not correspond with the person you speak of.

    With all that being said, I find it impossible for us to vote for someone like her. Not only is she a corrupt individual, but her policies and plan for our country would in effect ruin us, and it wouldn’t be the best for Israel either. Her opponent may not be the most respectable person, but he is our only alternative to avoiding four years of scandals, corruption, and the denigration of conservative life in American society.

  17. When Hillary has her way and turns The U.S. into Europe and the Muslim Murderers start (C.V) blowing up Jewish institutions at will You will have JEWISH BLOOD on your hands.
    AS your Rebbe Rabbi Soloveichik used to say Stupid is also Assur.

  18. While I respect Rabbi Genak, let’s put this in the proper context. Rabbi Genak published a book of his correspondence with Bill Clinton! That having been said, in case crooked Hillary does win Rabbi Genak will be a good connection.

  19. While i think Rabbi Genak is slightly exaturating as to how great she is, but his general point is 100% correct. I am very ashamed that so many chareidishe yidden are blinded by all the nonsense being spread by fox news and the talk show hosts. B”h I do know a considerable amount of chareidishe yidden that agree with me and will never vote for the meshugene trump.

  20. When there was a vote on Capitol Hill on the Iran Deal – Chuck Schumer held out until therewere enough “pro” votes, and then he was allowed by the party to “vote his conscience”.

    She too was given leeway to ensure future votes.

    Let’s not be stupid.

  21. Well the good news is, after next Tuesday Hillary should be in need of a job (if she’s not in jail), you could hire her as a housekeeper!!

  22. Shame on him. What a disgrace, to associate with the most corrupt criminal crime family in U.S. Politics, who raised money for the Palistinians before it was fashionable. How can a self-respecting Jew vote for the antithesis of everything the Torah stands for? A Rabbi should know that חותמו של הקב״ה אמת! These people have taken the BigLie to an unprecedented level, never seen before. A vote for her is a vote for the destruction of the U.S as we know it.

  23. Totally disagree with Rabbi Genack America needs a leader who is good for America and Israel. Hillary is not a fan of Israel.
    As many Rabbis said vote the less of two evils and many say the better one is Trump.

  24. All these commenters don’t get it. This article wasn’t written for you. It was written to be read by the Clinton campaign. I’m sure they got copied.

  25. It would be wise for Rabbi Genack to refrain from giving an endorsement to Hillary. A tremendous chillul Hashem has already been made.

  26. Is this article for real?? Those words about Hillary???
    Can’t be
    Very surprised this article is coming from a chashuv name like this

  27. Hatzlacha on your unfettered access to the next president , Rabbi Genack. Please remember that Yidden in previous generations that had a connection to Malchus, used it to better the plight of their fellow Yidden. Not themselves. מי יודע אם לעת כזאת…….

  28. I dont know who to vote for,but bottom line is that if Crooked Hillary wins, Rabbi Genack will have easy access to the leader of the free world. Not too bad.

  29. It’s not nice for Matzav to publish a made-up article and use the real name of a real person? Did you ask Rabbi Genack permission to use his name and picture on a made-up article?

  30. This election is not like the prior elections were we could afford to play politics as our people’s lives were not at stake: right now we are chas vesholom facing an islamonazi nuclear holocaust all courtesy of the policy set by President Hussein and Secretary Hillary. Not even mentioning such “trivial” things as Hillary forcing the militant toeiva and islamonazi agenda down our throats; the liberal fascists will not stop until they’ll shot down our educational institutions and restrict our shmiras hamitsvos. Amazing how a little chanifa blinds even great men.

  31. So let’s see what Hillary will do for us.
    She promises to fill the court with liberal judges who will trample yiddishkeit. Kids in yeshivas will be forced to get the same anti religious education as the public school. Hillary opposes vouchers as being unconstitutional. So all you parents cough up your high tuition and get ready to have kids off the derech as both parents are working round the Clock to meet the high cost of tuition. And of course all yeshivas will have same gender Ed like all first graders in public school system. Today I was told that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky announced that everyone must vote Trump. So did the mirror rosh yeshiva in Brooklyn among many others.

  32. Hillary opposes vouchers as being unconstitutional. So all you parents cough up your high tuition and get ready to have kids off the derech as both parents are working round the Clock to meet the high cost of tuition. A

  33. If only there would be so many comments on the Divrei Torah articles on Friday than there are at this nonsense article. Amazing how the Yetzer Hora works

  34. I love the way all you armchair quarterbacks are kvetching now, when you had a chance to give Mike Huckabee the nomination. You idiots threw him under the bus. He was thee only one who represents true Torah values. You only have yourselves to blame for the terrible choices we are now stuck with.
    It’s is a known fact that Rabbi Genack is related to Hillary thru her grandfather, the late Mr. Rosenberg.

  35. May R Genack will have second thoughts, once we get flooded by Muslim Migrants who were let in by President Hillary to overrun the country the same way europe is being overrun

  36. Eloquently and beautifully written, I thank Rabbi Genack for this touching article. I propose that Rabbi Genack write a weekly article on Matzav, maybe on the parsha or something else. I enjoy his writing.

  37. Its embarrassing how such a respectable man could write such a foolish article. Does He not realize who Hillary Clinton is? Does He not know about her abuse of the woman Bill assaulted, Benghazi, her lack of moral compass, Clinton Foundation, her lying issue (even in cases of no apparent gain such as “sniper fire in Bosnia), her selling of uranium to Russia, her praise of “Mrs” Arafat….etc I could go on forever. A real shame, I had such respect for Rabbi Genack. This article killed it all.

  38. I’m voting for Rush Limbaugh as prez and Sean Hannity as vice, with Rudy G as attorney general and Newt Gingrich as the White House advisor.

  39. Someone who is pro abortion and toeva understands our values? A woman who hugged suha arafat is pro Israel? All I see here is “I have a shaychus to hillary, so vote for her”

  40. I don’t agree to vote for Hillary, but the article is not so dumb, because if she does indeed win, we’ll have a connection to the Prez. Maybe she would even pardon Shalom Mordechai. Who knows. Thing big picture and even though we disagree with much of the article, the writing of it may look genius in the long run. Just saying.

  41. Rabbi Genack is a smart man. Why does our heimishe press not have any seichel???
    I don’t agree with him, but it was a necessary article……. Vehameivin yovin

  42. Click Click Click. The Trump voter is very busy. Every soul in town needs to know he oppresses human values. He is very keen to make sure you know who he is.

    So its Hillary by many. I can be glad. I am a jew.


  43. The preface of this letter impregnates his mistake. the preface tells you that he has a close relationship and therefore received the letter. he clearly has a conflict of interest.

  44. Wow. Hillary is a genius for showering you with love and your kid with praises. This is what the corrupt Washington holders do. They target higher uppers with fame praises in order to get them to provide free exposure and their supporters votes. This article makes me vote Trump.

  45. Again, I ask: Did Matzav get permission from Rabbi Genack to use his name on this article? It must have been written by someone else as a joke, and yet you have the audacity to put his name on it?! And to top it all off, you put his picture too?!
    I asked this before and have not gotten a response: I ask it again: How can you have the chutzpah to make up an article promoting Hillary and then attach a good rabbi’s name to it?

  46. The olam looks like they don’t agree with the article to vote for Hillary.
    Good to see that the frum olam overall will be voting Republican.

  47. If Hillary gets impeached or unable to do her duties her Vice President is a known anti Semite. Her top aide who is in this scandal is not known to be friendly to the Jews. Her buddy bloomenthal is another lover of the Jewish people. She is bad for Israel period.


  49. What people need to realize is that in this election cycle, we are not voting for a president. What we are voting for is the direction the courts will take for untold years.

  50. I dont agree with the Rabbi,BUT, you have to remember almost every single goyishe politician is a probable liar. Obviously, some more than others. To think that Donald Trump truly believes in all the things he says is narish. To think he will carry out all his propositions his utter stupidity. Halevai he will but its very unlikely. Think about it, most of his life he was a bona fide democrat and best friends with Hilary herself. He happens to be a smart buisnessman and realized when theres a good investment on the table. He saw that this was an opportune time to “chap” the voters. However, anything better than crooked Hilary.

  51. she understands our values? the only issue that matters in the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court. She will stack the court with judges who SURE don’t reflect our values and I hope not yours.

  52. Beautiful article. Nice to see a thought out and intelligent case for Hillary presented. Please continue to print such articles on matzav.

  53. Some of this comments sound like Trump tweets. Where do you get rishus to rip-apart another Yid because his opinions differ from yours? And a well-respected figure in Klal Yisroel.

    • I humbly disagree. Perhaps there can be a better tone to some of the comments, but people are allowed to disagree, and vehemently, considering what the Clintons have done. For the picture to be some great image of a remarkable woman, without any reference to the last 25 years of this scandalous family, is quite disturbing. I understand that he is a longtime Democrat and friend of the Clintons, but does that allow him such ignorance and naivete. If she also backed the Iran deal (like his other buddy Corey Booker) what difference does it make (sound familiar?) if she wants more “muscular” foreign policy? If he doesn’t like DT, fine, but don’t make her out to be our great hope!

  54. She has such a good working relationship with Netanyahu that she treated him like a vassal. She so understands our values that she will certain appoint judges who will allow the toeva activists to trample religious freedom

  55. Elyanav’e went through formal protestations to Akhav (kavod ham’melekh), but not with Izevel. My rebeiim gave azharah not to even look at a rash’a. kv’h to write laudatory books about them or advocate for them. Even the ovday-elilim are not matir lying, dissembling and distortion. This is all so sad.

  56. I’m confused. The woman Rabbi Genack is describing is clearly a tzadekes, but I thought he was going to be talking about Hillary Clinton.

  57. “You are a slow learner, Winston.”
    “How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”
    “Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”

  58. Her interest in his Einikel has nothing to do with him being the head of a large Jewish Organization, she just loves every single child, more than she loves herself.
    We should all check our mail boxes to see if there are any congratulation letters from Hillary to Our children.

  59. I just thought 98 comments weren’t enough. So… Rabbi Genack probably doesn’t listen to Rush etc. so maybe he didn’t pick up the Jewish values everyone knows so well….

  60. How absurd !! She understands our values? She doesn’t even have any values other than power.
    We have to look at what is best for us and the country. Hillary is the worst thing that can happen to us c”v.
    Obamacare is hurting us terribly. Prices have gone up, services have gone down, and now Clinton will “support” it (to repay Obama for his support) by increasing subsidies – which translates into increased taxes – that we can’t afford
    She will bring in thousands of “immigrants”, place them in our neighborhoods, support them with welfare and medical coverage – thereby again increasing our taxes – and worse yet – dramatically increase terrorism.
    She is against School Vouchers. We need that desperately. Parents can’t afford tuition costs.
    What values are you talking about Rabbi Genack?
    B’mechilas kvodcho – you are wrong.
    Trump may not be the best choice – but he is now our ONLY choice.
    Vote Trump.

  61. I wonder what rabbi Avigdor miller ztl would say to someone endorsing such a macshefa as Hillary. First of all she is supported by the atheistic liberal leftys across the board. Rabbi Miller would say every kick we can give to the liberals we should. Hillary openly says vouchers to yeshivas are unconstitutional. Rabbi Genack will you help the tens of thousands of frum parents in yeshivas pay their tuition. Of course not. You want to be in englewood New Jersey and tell us Orthodox Jews what to vote. Rabbi Chaim kinevsky yeterday said Jews should vote only Trump. The jewish press today endorsed Trump. Only the secular and haters of Orthodox Jews support Hillary.You want to kiss up to this evil woman. Shame. A thousand Jews were blown up and murdered as she kissed arafats wife. The first of the Jews murdererd was a Satmar chossid driving on the highway by the very guns 50 thousand that the clintons gave the PLO.One of the last Jews murdered was a middle age woman from Skver on her visit to Israel. The skverer woman was blow up in a bus in Jerusalem thanks to the Clinton Oslo accords. Vote Trump if you are a Jew.

  62. I most assiduously pray that Rabbi Genack is wrong; that Hillary’s main values – corruption, deceit, and cover up, are not our values!!

  63. Rabbi Genack,
    As a leader representing the orthodox union I ask of you the following, you talk so eloquently about Hillary, how she went out of her way to send a letter to you grandson, that’s touching, as a leader who is guiding the future generations how do you explain her blatant lies, unethicall behavior ?? Is it not your job to teach the next generation right from wrong? You would fire a member of your staff for lying … Yet here you are arguing for her to run the nations highest office? Would you hire her to be the ceo of your company??
    You sound like a eloquent politician … Its amazing to me, reading your biased article, how you skip all her lies and transgressions, perhaps if you addressed it in a balanced and fair manner people would take you more serious.
    I must say… That unless you think we readers are completely dumb, we see through this sad piece of journalism…
    I just wish you would have received a letter for your grandchildren birth from Trump.. Because I guess that’s all it takes to get your vote..

  64. It’s not an argument. It’s a bald pre-election bid for the morally and legally disgraced Clinton’s approval of him personally in anticipation of their likely future lucrative repayment to him with position or influence should they prevail over Trump. Given the Clinton’s pay-for-play tactics already on full public display, it wouldn’t be too surprising. In any event, it appears at the least that the Clintons do understand the values of their endorsing Jewish friend and he understands theirs as well. Al tivtechu b’nedivim ubivnei adam she’ein bahem teshuah!

    • I’m glad that your rav is so great that his thoughts are those of the Torah. I just wonder if he bends his thoughts to conform to the Torah, or does he attempt to C”V bend and misrepresent the Torah to conform with his thoughts…..

  65. Everyone should realize that Hillary will raise EVERYONE’S TAXES. This alone is a reason to vote TRUMP. Maybe the Rabbi Genack will pay our tax bill for us..

  66. Who here can claim to have a personal relationship with either candidate. Rabbi Genack is speaking frim a relationship of twenty some years… have some respect for this choshuv rav and his position! Agree or disagree- that is your right. Just stop and think and do not react by lowering yourself to Trump’s style!

  67. Funny how everyone is so offended with her “sharing our values”… do you really think your values are more closely aligned with a man like Trump?! I hope not!!!

    • Well said
      It could be we have to vote for Trump. But I hate the fact that some people are pumped about voting for that mushches. It should be nebach leider leider we unfortunately have to vote for him.Nebach that we have to vote for someone who is such a person.

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