Rabbi Gadassi: Emmanuel Separation ‘Like What Nazis Did’


emmanuel3Rabbi Gadassi, the Sephardic rabbi of the Beis Yaakov girls’ school in Emmanuel, harshly criticized Ashkenazim this week for the “discrimination” at the school – an unfounded and fallacious claim. Dozens took part in a demonstration of support for Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, who initially led the fight against the alleged, but nonexistent, “discrimination.” The demonstrators spoke against the separation of the girls, comparing it to the separation demanded by the Nazis in 1933.

 “In 1933 anti-Semitism began in Germany, may its name and memory be blotted out,” Gadassi said, speaking about the ‘barrier’ set up at Emmanuel to divide the students. “The first thing was… to move Jews to the back of the classrooms at the universities. I told the rabbi of the Ashkenazim at Emmanuel, you’ve gone even further, you’ve begun a barbed-wire fence… you’ve told women not to say hello to one another.”

Gadassi claimed that his daughter’s Ashkenazi friends had begun to turn against her because of the messages they had received.

 “My daughter had two friends, twins, from the Borstein family,” he said. “They used to come to visit, eat soup and hilbeh, sit in the house. They used to come for a few hours each day. They didn’t want to leave because they received so much warmth and love. And then, the day after they put up the barrier, my daughter greets her friend, and she turns her head away, doesn’t want to talk to her.”

The rabbi also referred to the High Court case, saying they had received confirmation from the presiding judge whose name he didn’t want to say for fear he would be harmed.

“We won’t mention his name because they may threaten him,” he said. “They’ve become a ‘mafia.'”

He also criticized the High Court, saying that in gematriah, the High Court is equal to Haman.

 Sources close to Rabbi Yaakov Yosef rejected the Nazi comparison, saying that “nothing (in the case) is similar or even comes close to the terrible Holocaust.”

As we’ve reported here continually on Matzav.com, the claim made by the High Court, and the statements by Gadassi, are far removed from the truth, but unfortunately, the secular media, and many in our own communities, have bought them and believed them, hook, line and sinker. The latest “Nazi” claim shows how far the and ridiculous the claims have gone. Rather than directing frustration at the secular society which has discriminated against those of Sephardic origin since the founding of the State of Israel, Gadassi and others, out of frustration, have made outlandish and flase statements directed at chareidim and their Torah leaders.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Wow you are right on target. This man should learn about the horors of the Nazi’s, and then he wouldn’t compare his daughters friends “not eating Hilbeh” with the Nazis Yemas”h… Lunacy in full view! Thank You MATZAV for being on top of this story.

  2. Who is Gadassi to go against the unanimous stand of Gedolei Yisroel shlita? Even Rav Ovadia Yosef said Lalum lost his chelek in olam haboah

  3. can some one pls explain in plain english to me and thousands of others who visit this site what all this is about .
    We still do not understand

  4. Did Matzav investigate the situation or they are just following the Ashekenazi crowd? Did they go to the town and speak to the Sephardi parents there? The fact that Sepharadim have been accepted to school is not a definite proof the school does not discrimination. There are Yeshivos in Israel that accept Sepharadim but put caps on how many they will take, because they don’t want to appear as being too Sepharadi. Also, some yeshivos will have a higher standard for accepting Sepharadim than Ashkenazim. Even if the claim of Yalum is unfounded and fallacious as Matzav claims, completely ignoring the fact discrimination against Sepharadim is widespread in Israel is in it of itself bias. How about Matzav do a full report on this? Why have Sephardim had to change their last names or hide the fact that they are Sepharadim? Go talk to those who have suffered at not being accepted to Ashkenazi Yeshivos; let’s hear their stories.

  5. Matzav, why do you accuse sephardic rabbis of making false claims. No offense to Matzav.com but you are completed one sided and ignoring reality. At this point you and the chareidim are protesting the courts authority to tell parents where to send their kids, which sephardim would agree is wrong. But this doesn’t change the fact that the chareidim DO discriminate against anyone different than them including Sphardim and that is why this case even reached the courts. If it wasn’t true then the Sphardic Rabbis wouldn’t have spoken in support of the case, which they have supported as reported on Matzav.com. This whole case is a big ugly stain on the religious community as a whole bringing us back to the destruction of the second bet hamikdash just in time for Tisha B’Av. Teshuva people is our only hope! Spread love of Torah to Hate for your neighbor whose different than you.

  6. This case is very unclear however the Matzav makes it seem like there is only one side to this story.
    They don’t describe the inferior conditions the Sephardim claim they had to live under. Nor do they tell us of the Sephardi parents who are heartbroken at the slanderous lies about how un-frum they are. We never hear how the Ashkenazi parents refused to go to Beis Din thus forcing the hand of the Sephardi parents. The supreme court forced integration because it was the only way to ensure the Sephardi students wouldn’t be discriminated against.

  7. The Nazi reference is uncalled for, going to the High Court is wrong. BUT there is and has always been discrimination against sepharadim in the Bais Yaacov schools here in EY. My kids all went to BY. And there were quotas, as there are in all the BY schools – the percent sepharadi accepted depends on local demographics. Everybody knows this. I say this as an Ashkenazi. If you are Ashkenazi nobody asks if you have a TV. If you are sfaradi they ask and ask and ask till they find a reason to reject. It’s that simple.

  8. I don’t know if true or not. But happened to my neice in Israel in Yerushalayim. She had a best friend who was ashkenazi who told her one day that they couldn’t be friends anymore since her father didn’t want her to play with sephardim…(she is a very frum girl and a tremendous yarei shmoayim and my brother is a Rosh Yeshiva etc…) Without missing a beat, my neice told her, “If that’s the type of family you come from, I don’t want to be your friend!!!” I have to laugh when these people will be sitting on the floor in a few weeks crying over the bais hamikdash….

  9. Thank you Matzav. Very well said. When idiots start throwing “nazi” comparisons around,you know they just lost any arguement they might of had. By the way, what makes this Gadassi guy a “Rabbi”? He unfortunatly is part of the wrong crowd, the Korach viadosso crowd. His kids can’t eat chilba with their friends anymore? Very very tragic! I’ll daven for them that it shouldn’t cause perminant emotional damage!

  10. I once asked Rav Sheinberg a mominus shaylah which could have been gzelus akum. He playfully slapped me on the face and said “Would the Chofetz Chaim have done it”? Enough said.

    And I wonder , “Would the Chofetz Chaim have endorsed a barrier put up between the two schools? Would he have allowed such an action that would have engendered potential sinas chinam?”

    What say you, Matzav readers?

  11. Hmmm… I think some people need to actually spend some time in israel and see what really goes on there. Even the ashkenazim will admit that there’s discrimination… Go figure.

  12. Unfortunately, labelling one’s opponent a “Nazi” has become ubiquitious in this forum. First they called the Zionists Nazis, and then.. etc
    Whatever the Zionists are, or are not, they are certainly not Nazis.

  13. When you speak to the Sefradick families of the regular Beis Yaakov school who are ehrlich, kedoshim, and bnei torah you can come to a different conclusion regarding the Emanuel saga.

  14. Can anyone explain why Sefardim call us “Ashkentozim” and “dusdusim” and ??? ?????? ??? ????? and make fun of our frumkeit, Yiddish, and Hebrew pronunciation and grammar with songs such as this one:
    ???????? ???? ?? ?????? ??????
    ???? ???? ???? ?? ???????

    Has anyone ever hear a frum Jew speak of other frum Jews with the hatred heard from Sefardim against Ashkenazim? I haven’t.

  15. The Chofetz Chaim is shedding bitter tears in Gan Eden with HKBH. I refuse to mekabel any of these disgusting news reports. We are mechayiv to LOVE every Yid PERIOD !!! We are all MISHPUCHA. MASPIK !!!

  16. ???is the right terminology, your blue eyes blond hair light skin did not come from Sinai nor from Abrahams’ homeland. That dos not mean that you are not Jewish, but in the course of time you got more diluted than the sfardim who rarely wanted to mingle with the arabs. So when you try to be more Jewish than thee well they put you back in your place!

  17. I am highly disappointed at Matzav’s view of reality. There is real discrimination to the point of Sefardim changing their last names so they may fit in. Yes, it is like the Nazis – my grandfather had to change his name too!

  18. And if you think that way about me and I open a school, you expect me to accept you? Open your own school, without those hated ???’? who have to be put in their place.

  19. “…your blue eyes blond hair light skin did not come from Sinai nor from Abrahams’ homeland…”

    Who is the racist here? Do you people realize what’s going on in Israel?

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