Rabbi David Bloch: Nachal Charedi Meant For Those Who Are Mechalel Shabbos


Rabbi David Bloch, one of the founders of the Nachal Charedi, told Radio Moreshet: I want to make it clear once and for all that the Nachal is meant only for those who are mechalel Shabbos.

“I want to clarify once and for all: R’ Shteinman z”l saw in the charedi Nachal a solution to the mechalei Shabbos.”

“I also know from Rabbi Elyashiv that in the conversation between him and Rabbi Steinman, they spoke only about these youth,” he said. “As a solution, not as an ideal, as a solution for such youths.”

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  1. So why are they forcing the Shomer Shabbos yeshiva boys to serve in the army???? And are they to join the non-nachal charedi regular army with boys and girls?

  2. cus they are have chareidi background -family, yeshiva etc. and most of them (not all ) went off the derech.
    i know one guy who , before his sherut tzvai didn’t put on kippa. one day i see him with tzahal uniform and a big white kippa….
    they say, nachal charedi is like פרה אדומה. meaning מטהרת טמאים ומטמאת טהורים.

  3. It is a solution for mechalel shabbos youth who will willingly go to the the army, or who are drafted because they are not in yeshiva.

  4. “Rabbi David Bloch: Nachal Charedi Meant For Those Who Are Mechalel Shabbos”
    This was the “official” letter from Rav Steinman zt”l but…

  5. It was for guys already on the street or nearly on the street.
    Saying however ,that it was for mechalelei shabbos is going too far

    It is typical.Gatekeepers’ taking over the show

  6. Nachal Chareidi is a decorated unit that operates under a strict guideline of Halachic standards from Kashrus to no women on the base or as instructors that are set by Chareidi Rabbanim. Included in the unit are boys that do not find themselves able to continue to learn full time and are seeking to begin their lives outside the world of the Beis Medrash. These young men believe that by serving klal yisrael by participating in army service they can then go on to get jobs or education to be able to support their family and be contributors to society as Baal Batim.
    The goal of the unit is to permit this to happen with over twenty Rabbanim that serve the unit giving shiurim and developing relationships with them to allow for further religious and spiritual growth.
    The unit has close to 10,000 Bogrim (veterans) that are shomrei torah and mitzvos and families that live religious observant lives.
    instead of looking at the negative see the positive.
    if a young man would volunteer for Hatzlah and would spend many hours a day helping others no one would criticize them
    why not support these young men who sacrifice their lives with Seata DeSHmaya to protect our people.

  7. When it says “click here” it’s kedai to click there. As you can see from the article, his point was to shut up the peleg, not to diss the nachal chareidi.

  8. Serving in the Israeli army is not considered protecting the Jewish nation. Especially with the notion of כוחי ועוצם ידי. Learning Torah is what protects the Jewish nation.

  9. For All those who conveniently attack the IDF while sipping their coffee,

    Are they such Ba’alei Bitachon when it comes to business?!
    Or When a family member gets ch”v lost on a hike in Israel ,who do they call??

    There is surely much to disdain and fight against in the IDF system ,but do it from within rather than as armchair Askan


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