Rabbi: Cloned Pork Meat Is Kosher


A prominent Religious Zionist rabbi in Israel said that meat from a genetically cloned pig would be kosher for consumption by Jews — including when eaten with dairy products.

In the interview ahead of a Bar Ilan University symposium titled “Science and Halacha” featuring a talk by Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, he advocated rabbinic approval of cloned meat “so that people would not starve, to prevent pollution, and to avoid the suffering of animals.”

When the “cell of a pig is used and its genetic material is utilized in the production of food, the cell in fact loses its original identity and therefore cannot be defined as forbidden for consumption,” Cherlow said. “It wouldn’t even be meat, so you can consume it with dairy.”

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  1. I thought Kosher meant that a pig did not eat its cud but has the correct feet and ate Chaza food. I didn’t realize Kosher meant that it was the meat that was unKosher so now it is not pig you can eat it with diary. So that would mean as long as you change the meat consistency it is then Kosher to eat. This could be that all fish that is not Kosher can be Kosher, and Birds that are unKosher can be Kosher as long as you just change its meat, not its feeding actions, or the food the animal eats that makes it unkosher. Like now you can eat lobster, crabs, scrimp, eagles, hawks, all bugs as long as you change their meat consistency and now they are not who they were.

  2. Scary… When the weakest link brakes it effects everyone. There will now people who will go by this false ruling and claim to be eating kosher and since in all other areas they are religious will cause lots of confusion amoung weaker frum Jews. Eventually it’s will filter up to even more frum Jews .
    This must be put down now-before it has a chance to spread onward!!!

  3. The whole terminology used is misleading.A cloned pig is still a pig! What they are talking about is cell culture-grown meat(muscle cells), not meat from a actual animal- a cloned pig .

  4. Matzav, please put up a clarification that this is assur לכל הדעות so that you don’t ח”ו come to a situation where you may have a part in being מחטיא את הרבים.

  5. The question is whether a cell artificially multiplied in a lab, is meat all together. That should be answered by poskim.

  6. Draykopp! Will cloned humans be kosher-Pareve? Cloned Kohanim? No arayos with a clone? Clearly Open-Orthodontic svora. How to deal with this tipshus?

  7. there is a shaylah where they got the cell grom if the animal was alive it can be aiver min hachay and if itwas dead i can be nevailah and surly if it is a pig it stays a pig and bitul would probably not help because the cell would be considered a mamid that is never batul but this is still a shaylah for the gedolim not some tom dick and harry

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