Rabbi Chezki Lifshitz of Nepal Spends Rosh Hashanah in Prison Due to Visa Mistake


rabbi-chezki-lifshitzRabbi Chezki Lifshitz of Nepal experienced a nightmare in the days leading up to Rosh Hashanah, which only ended on the second day of the Yom Tov.

Instead of directing the davening and massive holiday meals at the Chabad Center with hundreds of backpackers and tourists, the shliach to Kathmandu spent the first day of the Yom Tov behind bars in a Kathmandu prison.

The reason: a clerk’s mistake on his visa stamp when he last entered the country.

After Rabbi Lifshitz was arrested, a team of volunteers did their best to fill the void and run the meals and prayers, although they were all very concerned for his safety.

After much effort by many individuals who were contacted by his wife Chani, as well as efforts by Chabad worldwide and the Israeli and US foreign Ministries who demanded that the government agencies correct the mistake, Rabbi Lifshitz was freed.

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  1. Why in the world is there a Rabbi in that part of the world? Why only encourage these homeless bums who are “touring” the world trying to find themselves?

  2. What a mean-spirited idiotic comment. Just sit back in the comfort of your home while playing with your computer and make fun of these Yidden who sacrifice everything to expose these lost souls to a taste of Yiddishkeit. Shame on you.

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