Rabbi Chaim Koenig In Critical Condition After Contracting The Measles


R’ Chaim Koenig shlit”a,the Menahel of Mosdos Breslov in Tzefas, has been hospitalized  after coming down with the measles.

According to Ynet news, R’ Koenig contracted the measles following his return home to Israel after spending Rosh Hashana in Uman. R’ Koenig has been admitted to Carmel Hospital in critical condition the virus having resulted in him picking up viral pneumonia as well.

Rabbi Koenig is a son of Rav Elazar Mordechai Kenig, Rov of the Breslov community in Tzefas.

Everyone is asked to daven for Chaim Shalom ben Chaya.



  1. I Recieved all vaccinations as a child yet when pregnant I ws tested as having no immunity. After giving birth I recieved another 2 rounds of shots and the next pregnancy again I was tested as having no immunity-AGAIN. So either on some people it doesn’t work, or a lot of people and we are just unaware that it doesn’t work.


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