R’ Yoel Franzos z”l


r-yosel-franzosR’ Yoel Franzos, a resident of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, passed away on Shabbos. He was 88. A survivor of the holocaust, R’ Yoel arrived in the United States after the war. He began working at the well-known Franzos bakery shortly afterward, which was owned by his cousin.

Yoel was known as a charitable man, answering the many who constantly knocked on his door for assistance, even giving a loaf of bread to each for the way.

Even after losing his family in the war, R’ Yoel was known for his iron-clad emunah.

He had a great love of learning, especially chassidus. And after losing his wife in a car accident in 1998, he retained his emunah to all who knew him.

Franzos has many children and grandchildren on shlichus throughout the world, in locations such as Russia, Slovakia, Holland, the U. S. and Canada.

He is survived by his children Zeesy Newman (Crown Heights), Sara Leah Barber (Crown Heights), Feivy Franczos (Flatbush), Eliyahu Franczos (Monsey), Esther Goldstein (Ann Arbor, MI), and Reizy Stiefel (Montreal).

The levaya will take place today, at 1 PM, at Shomrei Hadaas Yirayim Chapel, 93 Broadway in Williamsburg, followed by the kevura in Washington Cemetery in NJ.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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