R’ Yakov Horowitz On The Lesson Of R’ Leff Learning At A Soccer Game


By now everyone has seen the video taken at a soccer game showing R’ Zev Leff shlit”a learning from a sefer while the announcers wonder our loud what it is he’s reading that’s more interesting than the game. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below:

Commenting on the viral video, R’ Yaakov Horowitz pointed out that, as R’ Leff’s daughter explained after the match, which took place in Scotland, R Leff was in the country to visit his children and grandchildren. When he heard his grandchildren wanted to join their friends watching the game between Israel and Scotland, R’ Leff responded that he would like to join in on the trip so that he could spend more time with his grandchildren.

R Yaakov Horowitz, a mechanech who deals mainly with troubled teens, saw a tremendous lesson from the Rav, who clearly went out of his comfort zone and would have much preferred to sit in a Bais Medrash and learn, but chose to spend quality time with his family.

“My dear friends,” R Horowitz wrote, “If all parent and grandparents had the attitude that spending time with their kids/grandkids is something well worth going outside their own comfort zone, those of us who deal with teens-at-risk would get far less “business” down the road.”



  1. Oh g-d. So now we are going to have peirushem on this video? We are going to hear experts pontificating on what this Rabbi had in mind? What he was thinking? What was his motivation? What he had for breakfast and why? How he got to the game? How he got back? Why he was learning davka that sefer and not a different sefer? What was his cheshbon for punkt looking up at that particular moment? Was he looking at the field? Was he looking at the screen? After he looked, what did he think and why? Did he or any of his family members have to use the facilities during the game? Was asher yatzar made right outside or did they wait till they got back to their seats? Was he rooting for the Israeli team or the British one and why? Did the final score have a limud?
    Can’t the Rabbi be left alone????

  2. This is called MAKING A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL. The daughter’s comments are totally unnecessary. R’ Lieff wanted to spend time with his family, wanted to see their entertainment, and SHOIN! No need to say perushim…

  3. many years ago my shver bought tickets for me and my son to go to a yankee game. My son still talks about how I took off from work to take him to the game.

  4. The real story for us is what he was reading. Love to hear.

    Now I can make best plans for kollel. No place like home.

    Star it a good. Hashem had him look up directly when the camera scrolled. Pretty neat capture. Hunt a good game. See a chassid? Now we know what to do.

    I think I will take Eruvim. Maybe I will know how powerful we are in separation.


    • Eruvin? Be prepared. Difficult mesechta. Take off your hat. Sit on a wood bench. Make sure to fold the Shabbos tallis before you get started. Neat.

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