R’ Dovid Hauer z”l


r-dovid-hauerTwo weeks after the passing of the Satmar rosh hakahal, Rav Berel Friedman z”l, the Satmar kehillah has suffered the petirah of his deputy, the segan rosh hakahal, R’ Dovid Hauer z”l.

R’ Dovid was born in the town of Zente and was a talmid of the Beirach Moshe of Satmar before the war.

After immigrating to the United States, he was a close chossid of the Satmar Rebbe, Rav Yoel zt”l, and one of the most prominent members of the Satmar community.

R’ Dovid was involved in numerous tzorchei tzibbur and matters of askonus. When the Satmar Rebbe learned of the dire straits of Jews in Iran, Yemen and other countries, the Rebbe called R’ Dovid and put him in charge of addressing these crises and was appointed to the position of overseeing the rescue of Jews in troubled Arab countries.

He was a selfless baal chesed and founded and operated one of the largest gemachim in the Satmar community.

In 1998, R’ Dovid was appointed as the segan rosh hakahal in Satmar by the Beirach Moshe.

The levaya was held yesterday afternoon at the large Satmar Bais Medrash in Williamsburg, followed by kevurah at the bais hachaim in Kiryas Yoel.

Yehi zichro boruch.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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