R’ Chaim: Those Who Don’t Vote Are Partners In Chillul Shabbos


According to the letter from R’ Chaim published today, it is imperative for everyone who is able to go out and vote for the candidate Moshe Leon in Yerushalayim.

“It is clear to every sensible person that it is absolutely obligatory and there is no permit in the world to refrain from voting on Tuesday for Moshe Leon,” it was written.

According to the sharp words, “whoever refrains from voting, or who discourages the voters from doing so, he is a partner in all the chillul Shabbos and holiness and purity and chillul Hashem, which will be done in Yerushalayim.

R’ Chaim ended the letter with a brocha, writing, “All  those who vote and support with all their strength (the candidacy of) Moshe Leon will be blessed with righteous children and blessings.”




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