QUITE A NEDAVAH: Michael Bloomberg Donates $1.8 Billion to Johns Hopkins University


Former New York mayor and renowned philanthropist Michael Bloomberg will donate $1.8 billion—the largest-ever gift to a U.S. academic institution—to Johns Hopkins University to fund scholarships for low- and middle-income students. The Baltimore Sun reports that the donation will allow the university to run a need-blind admissions process in perpetuity, and remove student loans from financial aid packages. Currently, 44 percent of Hopkins students leave the university with debt.

“No qualified high school student should ever be barred entrance to a college based on his or her family’s bank account. Yet it happens all the time,” Bloomberg wrote in a New York Times op-ed that announced the decision. He added that “I want to be sure that the school that gave me a chance will be able to permanently open that same door of opportunity for others.” The Sun notes that this is far from the first time Bloomberg has donated to his alma mater—out of the estimated $6.4 billion he’s donated in his lifetime, about $1.5 billion has gone to the university. But this donation, Johns Hopkins’ president noted, is “at another level—truly transformative.” Read more at THE BALTIMORE SUN.



  1. When you see what people like Bloomberg and Soros give to you see how Hashem accepted the Tefilah of Yirmiyahu H’Novi that even when those who hate Hashem are motivated to give charity, Hashem should make it that they give to causes which won’t get them any zchusim.

    I know there is a zero chance these people will give to Yeshivos and frum causes, but can’t they at least focus on giving to apolitical causes devoted to alleviating human suffering? At least then they would have zchusim in the next world.

    Even from a super liberal secular perspective, is the student debt of students leaving John Hopkins really more important than the diseases and malnutrition in third world countries?

  2. Thi$ elteh bachur Bl$$mberg, obviously doesn’t have to pay any Yeshiva tuition. No Shabbos expenses. No Arba minim expenses. No Shmura hand matzah expenses. He’s got to much money coming in with no expenses.


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