Questions And Answers On The Gasoline Crisis


gas-station-shortage-linesMany drivers in New York and New Jersey are still struggling to find gasoline nearly two weeks after Superstorm Sandy battered the region’s energy infrastructure. To help alleviate long lines at service stations, a gas rationing plan that lets motorists fill up every other day went into effect in New York on Friday. New Jersey instituted a similar plan last week. Local officials say the long waits have caused some panic-buying and hoarding among drivers.

Some questions and answers about the gasoline situation:

Q: Why is it still so difficult to get gas in New York and New Jersey?

A: Imagine the energy infrastructure as a giant hose pumping gas to drivers’ cars. There are still major kinks that are slowing down delivery. A key New Jersey refinery remains closed. Gas terminals in both states are shut or operating at reduced capacity. Lines at gas stations have been made longer by drivers topping off their tanks. And many stations remain without power.


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  1. I cant get over the irony how last year after the tsunami in Japan there was an energy crisis with the nuclear plants. Now in the after math of Sandy we too have an energy crises.

  2. “‘Another reason why New Jersey has recovered more quickly than New York is its proximity to petroleum supply areas near Philadelphia that were not damaged by the storm. It’s far more difficult to transport gasoline from Philadelphia to places like Queens or Long Island, Kloza says.”
    This is Hogwash! Orange Juice comes from Florida. Milk comes from hundreds of miles upstate. At least half the items in Walmart come from overseas. The only problem is government interference. If gas stations would be allowed to raise prices and gas truckers would be allowed to cross state lines this problem would be solved overnight. The gov’t ruins the market with its interference and then makes more laws (odd-even days) to try to fix it. If gov’t would just get out of the way, market forces would take care of the shortage – as happens everyday in every other industry!

  3. Had a simcha , just got in from willuamsburg to Flatbush
    Rationing helps if there is gas , but in Brooklyn there is no gas

  4. Not one gas station in my 10 mile radius is out of power, and the problem is not in NJ. There is no desire to bring this to an end, as there was zero effort to bring gas from other places.

    If Gaza would have such lines, who would be the first to complain?

  5. #4 you made a great great point. I haven’t heard it before. I know bridges do not allow hazmat (“hazardous material”)on it (Please don’t claim saftey – the same police escorts the tankers getting all over now could be done on the bridges – it’s all about crossing state lines i.e. taxes!).

    They can simply relieve these laws for a while and allow gas in. But they know, once they loosen up their gas laws – which are ONLY about taxes – they’ll have a hard time re-instituting them. So, they prefer to allow all NYC residents to suffer for weeks. Businesses are suffering terribly as well, as are employees who can’t drive to work.

    They’re loosing more than they’re gaining in order to remain “popular”.


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