Queen Honors Israeli Professor


queen-elizabeth-iiProf. Penny Ur may live relatively anonymously in a small community in the North of Israel but even Queen Elizabeth II knows about her. Buckingham Palace announced over the weekend that the English teacher from Moshav Amnon will be honored with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for her outstanding work in teaching English and for promoting collaboration between Israel and Britain.

The Order of the British Empire recognizes distinguished service to the arts and sciences, public services outside the civil service and work with charitable and welfare organizations of all kinds.

Prof. Ur told Yediot Aharonoth newspaper that she did not believe the good news when she first heard about the forthcoming honor. After the initial surprise, however, she said she was very thankful for the credit and said it will only highlight the importance of teaching English accurately.

The 69-year-old grandmother was educated at the universities of Oxford (MA), Cambridge (PGCE) and Reading (MATEFL). In 1967, she immigrated to Israel. Ur has 30 years’ experience as an English teacher in primary and secondary schools. She recently retired from the headship of the M.Ed program in foreign-language teaching at Oranim Academic College of Education, but continues to teach MA courses at Oranim and Haifa University.

English teachers worldwide rely on her teaching methodologies. Her books include Discussions that WorkFive Minute Activities (co-authored with Andrew Wright), A Course in Language Teaching, and Grammar Practice Activities (2nd Edition), all published by Cambridge University Press. She was also the editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series for 10 years.

Source: ISRAEL 21C

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  1. Real royalty, even if not Jewish, dress with refinement and dignity, as befitting… ROYALTY!! This should be a lesson of proper attire for a bas melech – tznius!!

  2. In the past the Queen has also ‘knighted’ individuals. Being ‘knighted’ is a very high honor. If I remember years back growing up in the UK the Queen knighted a religious jew and during the ceremony this individual who was about to be knighted was saying Tehilim. Someone in the crowd who noticed him mumbling asked in bewilderment ‘why is this Knight different then all other Knights??’…….

  3. #8 I think you butchered the joke.
    He was asked to recite the appropiate Latin verses upon being knighted. He completely forgot what he was supposed to say and said the first Jewish thing that popped into his head, “Mah Nishtanah Halayla Hazeh Mikol Haleylos”
    Thereupon the Queen turned to her aid and said, “Why is this knight different from all the other knights?”

  4. #5 inEY has asked “how can Matzav print a picture of a woman?”

    Perhaps that person could enlighten us all as to wht he (only a man would make such a stupid objection) finds so distasteful about the picture of HM The Queen shown above? She is wrapped up in a heavy winter coat, she is wearing a hat that would be acceptable in almost any ‘shul’ in the world.

  5. @11:

    First of all, kindly remember that the Queen is no some cheap, vote-grubbing, ill-mannered, American politician having to pander to a fickle electorate.

    More importantly, what purpose would be served by forcing a very old (she is well into her 87th year) woman to unnecessarily endanger her life by making totally purposeless journey to a politically unstable country where her personal security could not be guaranteed to her government’s satisfaction?

    Israel is already groaning under a huge and crippling raft of debt that it cannot adequately service. Why, therefore, should it add to that burden by having to provide for the Queen’s personal safety while within its borders?

    Her husband, and also her son, have already paid visits to Israel. What more do you want, shortcut?


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