Queen Appears to Nix Trump State Visit


Queen Elizabeth left out any mention of President Trump coming to London for a state visit during her official speech at the opening of Parliament, which would suggest that he is not expected in the next two years.

A spokesman for the prime minister said the trip had not been canceled altogether, but admitted that “a firm date has not been fixed.” Read more at THE TELEGRAPH.



  1. What a stretch! The Queen made no mention of a state visit, so you say it won’t happen in the next two years?

    Fake news.

  2. what a misleading headline, if i ever saw one! you are saying that the queen appears to have nixed Trump’s visit—based on the fact that “she left out any mention of President Trump coming to London”? wow! that is really investigative reporting. if you guys are looking for a reporter’s job, i think there are some openings at CNN. they could use reporters like you who report (fake) news based on inuendo. look what’s become of the “media” today. G-d help us…..

  3. I don’t think Trump would be bothered by this much. He’s safer at home with all that terrorism in London these days.

  4. She is a lazy and crazy woman. What does she do all day? Can I see her schedule? Itinerary?

    • She has more gold than you have a dollar. You might want to select your prayers to elevate Hashem and not down play the people he may have in high commerce. Torah is more than your shoe want.

      Good luck.

  5. I suggest she hang on to all the western powers she can for as the immigrants start filling England she will need all the friends and help she can get. Who knows maybe she will be the last of the monarchies the way of all the others
    in western countries. Maybe she should count her blessings that other leaders of other countries still want to work with her since she has very little power or not at all.

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