Quebec To Ban Public Officials From Wearing Yarmulkes


Quebec’s incoming government wants to ban some public servants from wearing religious symbols to work, spurring concerns from Jewish groups.

The proposed ban by the Coalition Avenir Québec government is ostensibly to make Quebec public institutions more secular and “neutral” religiously. It would bar police, prison guards, public school teachers and some others from wearing visible kippahs, turbans, hijabs and crucifixes under the possible penalty of dismissal for noncompliance.

Critics say the plan contravenes Canadian human rights charters and is pandering to intolerant populist sentiment being increasingly exploited in other countries. They also say the plan is hypocritical since the new government, which officially assumes power on Oct. 18, is refusing for “heritage” reasons to take down a large crucifix hanging in the Quebec legislature since 1936.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. They’re bravehearts, kind and amicable, but on the dim-witted side. Going on 5 centuries. Read Parkman’s Pioneers of New France. Tells all. I’m sure that the good vyber can knit or crochet something that covers adequately, but can pass as wigs.

  2. to Dumb Pepsi – The Toronto Blue Jays are in Toronto – ONTARIO…. Quebec is a different province and much more anti-Semitic. Back in the old days, your shaila would have been “what about a Montreal Expos cap?”…

    • That is exactly my point. The Quebecians hate the Torontonians. So would they allow a Blue Jays cap. Yes, I once went to Olympic Stadium to watch Andre Dawson and the Expos beat the Mets.

  3. If not for the usual puerile comments I would’ve shared this post with others.
    This site is turning into a moshav leitzim. It is no longer a site to find Torahdike news. It has become a venue for shtuss; advertisements of all types disguised as news stories; car ads; YouTube videos; promoting music videos; juvenile comments; annoying pop-ups; and, sloppy editing.

    • I agree with you regarding the “shocking” headlines, but the comments? The only reason I come here is davka for the comments. Many times they are intelligent, funny, witty, and they get you to think. What’s wrong with getting a good laugh every now and then?

  4. Attack us Oh Canada. What more can we do now. Trump is going to even help us. You have a sad maple. Will it even fall off your flag? Quebec is a danger.


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