Putting Jeff Bezos $67 Billion Year Into Perspective


Here are six ways to put Jeff Bezos’s $67 billion gain into context:

1) It’s more than the entire market capitalization of FedEx Corp.

2) Bezos’s gain this year alone would make him the seventh-richest person on Earth, ahead of Mexico’s Carlos Slim

3) It’s about the equivalent of Walt Disney’s blockbuster bid for most of the assets of 21st Century Fox.

4) His wealth has increased by an average of about $8 million an hour in 2018.

5) It’s roughly 10 times Amazon’s total net income since it went public in 1997.

6) The 499 other billionaires on the Bloomberg ranking have added a net combined $8.3 billion to their fortunes this year.



  1. Bernie Sanders, the hypocritical millionaire, is jealous of Bezos the billionaire.

    Mi sheyesh lo maneh ratzah masayim.

    Go away, Bernie, go away.

  2. All that is nice and good but it means nothing for right now. What really counts is, what is his weekly salary? What does he take home every week? How much personal cash does he have sitting in the bank right now? How much liquid does he have right now? All his investments and holdings is only hypothetical at this point. It’s up today. It’s down tomorrow. Etc… It’s the same thing with all these big shot’s bragging about all the real estate they allegedly own or all the deals they allegedly made.
    Bottom line: How much (salary) do you make a week/month and how much cash do you personally have sitting in the bank or under your mattress?


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